Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Grey Aliens

Now is the time to take back our personal and collective sovereignty and once and for all reject the false construct of being alone in the Universe/Multi-verse. We must rise up and throw off our human controllers so we may join the galactic community wherever we might find it.

Planet Earth has a long history (ancient origins) and humanity must uncover who we are, where we came from, who are our friends and who are our foes. We must take on a galactic perspective so we might achieve our highest potential.

We are extremely powerful Beings of Light (Energy bodies) that when transfigured may transverse the cosmos, as we were designed to do (Google Transfiguration).

The UFO/Alien reality is as old as we are...................wake up and DYOR so that you graduate to another level of reality. It is "Time" to Awaken and take on the consciousness of One.

The Grey Aliens, Part 1.

The Grey Aliens, Part 2.

The Grey Aliens, Part 3.

The Grey Aliens, Part 4.

The Grey Aliens, Part 5.

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