Saturday, March 28, 2009

Webster G Tarpley March 7, 2009

"Secrets of the US economic collapse Webster Griffin Tarpley. PART - Geopolitical Analysis. March 5, 2009 -

Liberal-FDR demcorat, Webster Tarpley explains the secret word no US politician will utter, "DERIVATIVES". -- The origins and dimensions of the weird speculative instruments which have been at the center of the crisis starting with the 1994-95 collapse of Orange County and Barings; a glossary of derivatives which can help you avoid financial ruin by enabling you to identify the derivative time bombs which can now be hidden in the fine print of contracts or investments.

THE IMMISERATION OF AMERICA -- How the financiers and politicians have cut the American standard of living in half over three decades, reducing the value of a dollar to 8 cents of the Eisenhower-Kennedy era; a full discussion of the Labor Department's Average Weekly earnings data series, which proves that the typical American job now pays less than it did in 1960. This is the data series professional economists love to avoid.


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