Thursday, May 28, 2009

Conspiracy Truth Newsletter June 2009

Conspiracy Truth Newsletter
June 2009

This first Conspiracy Truth Newsletter is a message for Responsible Action and a Pro-Active approach (Positive) to meeting our basic needs, Food, Shelter and Clean Water. With that as a basic first step we will embark on a thought out strategy to take back our Sovereignty and in the process enhance our ability to Thrive (Right Now).

For those of you who have been following our progress, we salute you and encourage you to be in right relationship, committed to your highest good and willing to make a commitment for real positive change.

With that said; Time is of the essence and events are moving so fast that it behooves all of us to STOP, meditate on our highest good, Remember who we really are and why we incarnated at this time. The key to understanding our individual, unique perspectives is best understood in a metaphysical way. The first and most important step in the process of Preparedness is right relations, right motivation and a clear understanding of our role. This can only be accomplished through a clear connection to our Higher Self.

We at Encompass Strategies have created a family of Websites, Blogs and recently an Online Community, that is organized as an interactive Research Community of like minded people who are diligently searching for answers and understanding in their Quest for the Holy Grail, (Consciousness Development).

As many of you have found and explored it is clear that I have worked very hard to help uncover Secret Government Conspiracies, that have been executed in our name, without our informed consent. This Process of self discovery, for me, has been a mind blowing experience that has motivated me to share what I know, with others, so they too might be enlightened and edified in the process.

I have grown to see that much has been hidden form us and yet in this age much is being revealed. My prayer (meditation) is for all to come to a greater understanding so they might ascend and be all that they can be, not only within this 3D construct but in the totality of their life experience. (Life in the Eternal)

My Spirit Guides have given me a task to do; To Organize a Bulk Food Business (Bulk Food Storage System) to help myself, my family and others take back control of their basic needs. The System (Food System) currently in place is not a workable system if there is one hic-up. The time has come for all of us to diversify our food sources and take responsible Action to meet our basic needs.

My wife Deb, and I, Will be posting within the next week a basic Bulk Food System for meeting part of our food needs. We have diversified our own food sources, Bulk food, (Beans, Rice, Grains, Oil, Sugar, Salt and more (see;

Currently we provide for our food needs through the following sources; Bulk Food, Local Market, Local Farm (Fleishman Farm, Fresh Milk, Eggs, some Produce), Local Farmers Market (in Season)and a Spring-Summer-Fall family garden. Diversification is the key to meeting our food source needs and Bulk food storage is one component. With that Goal in mind we are offering our services and hope we can make a positive contribution to helping others be Prepared and put up food for the Winter, something our Grand Parents (Great Grand Parents ?)did without thinking.
People all over the World are feeling the call to take Responsible Action and we at Encompass Strategies are hearing the call and organizing to help.

Doing Your Own Research; DYOR, is key to understanding the age we are living in and the need to be on top of our game. Don't look to others for answers, all can be found right within our own being. Dig deep, go within, meditate on your Highest Good and ask your Spirit Guides for Guidance, they will respond.

Check back with us by the middle of the month and we will have our Bulk Food Business up and running. Organic Bulk Food, Bucket Storage System, Jars for your kitchen. All Bulk Food is offered at Wholesale Prices passed along to our customers. This Business, Thrive Right Now, is a Service to our Hue-Man Family in the Hope it will help others Prepare.

We love all of you;



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