Sunday, April 18, 2010

Welcome to the Real World

Robert Bruce Reckmeyer
Conspiracy Truth
Welcome to the Real World

Seekers of Truth have an intuitive understanding and an ability to uncover the true nature of reality as they navigate through a very mixed up world. It is a true gift and something we should be proud of.

We are the true pioneers of this age and are the guides to our fellow human family. It is important to recognize that we have a unique perspective from our vantage point, our super position in space and time and a willingness to go where few souls have gone before. We do not need to be validated or have the comfort of the crowd, just the opposite. Our valuation and validation is Truth itself.

The seeker of truth is one who must forge ahead no matter what the cost. It is something that is part of our soul nature and is a gift from the Creator. It is the need to search for the light and follow it wherever it leads. Consider yourself lucky and give thanks for your innate ability to seek even when it separates one from friends and family.

I have been characterized as delussional, a conspiracy theorist, off my rocker and outside the normal range. I have been marginalized and rejected by some in my own family. I have been falsely accused and bullied to change my ways or be forever on my own, rejected and disowned, all because I seek after what has been hidden and not part of the "accepted" reality.

The Alien Agenda, the Matrix, the Musical Multi-verse, our True Nature, Energetic Body, DNA upgrade, the Shift, 2012 and more........Reptilian control, Earth history, and the truth as it pertains to genocide, culling the population and genetically engineering our human species by the Architects of Control. Uncovering what has been hidden is only the beginning, once uncovered it is important to share what we have learned so others can come to a greater awareness and we can transform this mixed up world, together.

The time for Action is now....knoweldge is power. It is time to restore this Planetary System to its proper working order. Love is the Frequency that powers the Earth and Humanity chooses (free will) either the frequency of Fear or Love.  The Architects of Control have manipulated us through a false history, turning off our DNA, instilling fear within us, (we are alone, weak, unable, unwilling and too stupid to change) all these characterizations are false and we must rise up to challange these false assumptions.

The Real World is waiting for us, lets lead the way.

Robert Reckmeyer

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