Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Light House Audio-Visual Production Services

Robert Bruce Reckmeyer-Conspiracy Truth
Conspiracy Truth is dedicated to the notion; we are all brought forward when we uncover what is really going on and take Action to correct the corruption and manipulation by the few against the many. My goal is to search for Truth and empower the People to rise up and assert their God given Rights for Freedom, Sovereignty and Individualism through Civil disobedience and refusing to participate in a System that is based on the Perpetual War Doctrine and a Scientific Technological Totalitarian Dictatorship.

My journey of discovery has taken me on an adventure that has enabled me to see the BIG picture and understand the world we are living in. Within that experiential learning I have developed a program that I believe has added value to help others achieve their soul sincere desire and share their knowledge and experience with others. 

Each of us is a unique individual who is important and does have something to give-share-communicate, so we help edify and enlighten our human family. I have every confidence that we can help each other utilizing our unique gifts if we will offer our services, at reasonable rates, so we focus our energy and talents and help each other realize fundamental change within our community and our world.

I have developed an audio-visual production service helping others create and produce videos so they can express themselves, promoting their work and unique point of view. I am driven to help clients communicate their message whether it be in the Leadership Training field, Natural Earthen Resources, Political Commontary, Meta-Physical Teaching and a host of other disciplins. To date I have produced over 95 videos and continue to help others with their specialized projects.

I am available for consultation and look forward to each individual project as a unique opportunity to share my talents and abilities in the service to others. Please feel free to connect by email and I will respond so we explore how I might help you achieve your goals.

Robert Reckmeyer

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