Monday, October 26, 2009

harmonic codes pyramids and stargates

Light Conspiracy Theories, that involve many subjects and disciplines, are as much a part of our reality as Dark Side Conspiracy theories and yet in the post 911 conspiracy theory aftermath we can either be honest with ourselves and awaken from the dream, or we can choose to stay asleep and carry on as if our political, religious and educational leaders are telling us the whole truth. It becomes self evident, when we do our own research, that we are being manipulated, with a false reality, that leaves out many facts. These Dark Side Forces have not only left out the facts but in truth they have knowingly led us down a path that keeps us from the truth. Light conspiracy theories have within them the seed to unleash the Forces of Light and release Light Energy on a scale that has heretofore been suppressed by the Dark Side. It is time to unmask the Light Conspiracy Theories and sort through what is theory and what is fact.

Science has identified the fact that we are vibrational creatures that resonate frequencies of light energy. This truth has been suppressed from us for eons by the Dark Side and is only now coming to light as a result of our scientific research. Quantum, Vibrational, Hyper-Dimensional Physics, Celestial Harmonics, Sacred Geometry, Torsion Waves and the Electric Magnetic Universe all speak to a new understanding of how we interact with each other and our environment. When we break it down into layman terms, everything is energy and everything vibrates throughout the universe. Translated; we are intelligent beings of light energy resonating either brightly (positive) or dimly (negative).

We now have the understanding of higher physics, electro magnetism, vibrational, hyper-dimensional and a beginning first level understanding of the multi-dimensional frequency reality of the universe(s). Celestial Harmonics, (the Musical Universe) has now been confirmed and paints a far different picture than the mechanistic laws of physics that we learned in physics class.

We have entered a new phase in our human development that brings us to a place that has been foretold from ages past, i.e. the age of choice. When we look at the Light Conspiracy Theories, i.e. lost civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, the Alien/UFO reality, Crop Circles, Stargates and numerous other Light Conspiracy Theories that are being perpetrated on humanity by a small well organized group it becomes self evident that we are being manipulated and the truth is being suppressed on a grand scale. Where are the educated classes utilizing their critical thinking skills when ity comes to crop circles or the UFO/Alien reality? I find the only people who are really thinking through the real issues of our age and time are those who question the accepted reality and then educate themselves to the truth. We now have the choice to either wake up from a false reality construct or stay asleep and accept a reality that is completely false.

To take a truth and turn it around is called deception. When we have a part of our reality twisted and marginalized it diminishes our ability to enjoy the free gift of life. The truth is suppressed in order that a sinister few may control the many and manipulate the system for their own gain. The Light Conspiracy Theories in play right now are designed to fool us into a false belief that we are alone and without power. In truth we are part of a much larger human family and we are very powerful beings of light. It is crucial that we unmask the Light Conspiracy Theories and sort through what is true and what is a false manipulation so we may assert our sovereignty and enjoy the freedom that God has given to us.

We were not meant to be slaves to a well organized few. It is incumbent upon all of us to rewrite the ending to this human drama and help our brothers and sisters unmask the deception. Look at the Forces of Light, Light Energy and Light Conspiracy Theories as a part of our individual and collective experiences. Pick all of it apart, use your critical thinking skills to unmask the deception and expand your mind to include the whole universe. Jump out of our comfort level, outside the box and like the analogy of the Eagle in the chicken pen flap our wings and soar.

"I recently read a great analogy about a baby eagle that fell from its nest and landed in a chicken pen. It grew up thinking it was a chicken scratching all day with the other hens. One day a mighty soaring eagle spotted the bird and swooped down to see what was happening. When it confronted the eagle, with the truth, that it was a mighty, majestic creature made to soar above the earth; the eagle was amazed and could hardly believe what it was being told. All it had to do was look up, flap its wings and soar. When it finally did look up and fly the coop it was amazed at the gift that God had given to him. We too must look up and accept our free gift of flight. We must lift our heads from the limits of the ground and allow our majesty to take flight, soaring above the Tara firma." Robert Reckmeyer 2007

This web site is dedicated to unmasking the Light Conspiracy Theories and providing a portal down the rabbit hole for true exploration into our world. I encourage all of us to take the journey and expand our reality to include what is now being suppressed from us. Look at the Light Conspiracy Theories, sort through what is true, what is false and come to your own understanding.


Robert Reckmeyer

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