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Multidimensional Quantum Development, MQD,The Real War, for the Soul of Hue-Man-ity

Multidimensional Quantum Development, MQD

The Real War, for the Soul of Hue-Man-ity

Conspiracy Truth

October 27th 2009

By Robert B. Reckmeyer

“Help me to be, to think,
to act what is right
because it is right;
make me truthful, honest,
and honorable in all things,
make me intellectually honest
for the sake of right
and honor
without thought
of reward to me.”

Robert E. Lee

The Real War, for the Soul of Hue-Man-ity

We are now in the final stages of a Globalist agenda to cull the population and alter our genetics, the DNA, of modern man, so a new genetic sub race will be left to service the Elite few who rule over Planet Earth and humanity. We are witnessing an ongoing covert program to re engineer our DNA, through highly toxic vaccinations, chemtrail spraying of heavy metals, aluminum oxide, barium salts, genetically modified food (GMO), fluoride, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and preservatives in our food. The agenda is now accelerating, in a mad dash to complete their diabolical plans before hue-man-ity reaches a tipping point and wakes up to their Genocidal program of Eugenics, Genetic manipulation and mass Murder.

The historical perspective brings a level of clarity when one dissects the current program being perpetrated on the good people of the world. One has only to look at the genocidal policy of extermination of the American Indigenous population, by the United States Government, through germ warfare and by other means. Blankets laced with the smallpox virus were handed out to the Indian population with a kill ratio of 90%. The Battle of Wounded Knee, in 1890 was a perfect example of mans inhumanity to man utilizing mass murder to further their policy objectives. The same technologies are being utilized, now, on scale that defies human sensibility and reasoning, in a word it is madness.

It is now time to uncover the chilling facts and fight back with a counterintelligence program of conscious awareness, educating the general public so we can take ACTION and fight back. The key to unlocking the deception is a keen awareness, a mass awakening, and a level of consciousness that has heretofore been lacking. The final key is a willingness to face the truth. One must come to terms with the big picture, dissecting each piece so one has an intuitive understanding therefore enabling a clearer picture to emerge.

One must dig deeply into our ancient origins and understand the foundation of our civilization and our genetic manipulation. Humanity was genetically engineered by a trans-dimensional race, far superior to ours, technologically, who came to earth and altered the DNA of earth humans, creating modern man. They taught us the arts, agriculture, engineering and gave us writing, mathematics, astronomy, science and the Government of Kings. The Bloodline was established through the offspring of the Giants, the Gods, the Men of renowned. The race that established our civilization, and is in control of the earth matrix, are the true rulers over planet earth and humanity. The Elite few are the Ancient Bloodline established when the Gods mated with the females of the earth and produced hybrid offspring that became the rulers throughout history and rule the world to this day.

Our human race is in a very dangerous predicament. We have people who have sold us out, for personal short term gain, and are helping enslave their human family by genetically altering our DNA. The Elite families believe they will inherit the earth and all its treasure. They are sorely mistaken and will find when their usefulness is up, that they will reap what they sow.

These Trans dimensional off world extraterrestrials are not human but rather Reptilian and operate within a frequency that is outside our band of visible light. They have evolved from the cold blooded reptilian species and operate in a very left brain reality within a narrow band of the frequency range. Conversely hue-man-ity is gifted with a genetic DNA code, that when fully activated, has a very broad range therefore a natural ability to activate full light body transfiguration that can travel, communicate and transverse multidimensions of the creations. All of this is possible once we have our DNA reactivated through the frequency of love, compassion, grace, and peace.

We are now entering a “time” in our galactic cycle that is reordering our DNA Genetic Code and through the gift from the Creator; we have the chance to choose to upgrade our genetic code thereby activating full light body activation. The off world trans dimensional Masters who are “stuck” in a frequency dominated by fear, loss, and an expression based on Power and Control are working diligently to hold us back and maintain their grip, dominating our hue-man species. This control matrix is artificial and will fall if (when) we wake up to the manipulation and throw off their artificial control grid. It is literally powered by our human energy, generated when we are in fear, experience lack and emote a frequency that is slow, low and long. This is why there is such a great push to keep mankind within the lowest band on the frequency bandwidth. This is not how we were designed to live and experience this life nor is it our destiny to stay trapped within an artificial matrix dominated by off world Trans dimensional, negatively aligned Reptilian Aliens Masters.

Now it is incumbent on all free thinking people to jump outside the box and connect the dots so we can save hue-man-ity and take our rightful place within the galactic community. We are Hue-Man-Beings, Light Spectrum Beings, intelligent life in the multi-verse who, when fully activated, are literally given a biological body suit that is trans-dimensional and able to achieve light body configuration. Our Alien Masters have perpetrated this fraud, on hue-man-ity for thousands of years, and now we have the information to make a rational determination as to what is truly taking place. This fraud is only accomplished through deceit and manipulation and the control matrix will fall once we understand what has happened to us, and take ACTION individually and collectively.

The covert/overt program of culling the population and genetically altering our DNA through Eugenics, War, Abortion, Vaccination, Fluoride, Chemtrails, AIDS, Swine Flu, Ebola, Small Pox, Pesticides, Chemical Preservatives and Genetically Modified Food is a frontal attack on the hue-man immune system. It is now in the open and we are able to connect the dots and see what is truly taking place. The Agenda is taking place in real time as they try and kill off most of hue-man-ity and bring in a genetically altered sub-race that is unable to think outside the box, is less emotional, is less creative and more docile so as to serve the Alien Masters of this world. This program is not coming in the future but is right in front of our face. Think about the video game, cocaine, television, materialism, Disney, Hollywood, game show, Profession Sports crowd that has permeated our society and has been engineered by our Alien Masters. They have turned off our “Light Switch” and dumbed us down to the point that we are sick and tired, medicated and entertained to the point that we are unable to grasp what is taking place. While we are stumbling around, in the dark, they are literally genetically altering our DNA and killing us off.

My thesis is not manufactured in a delusional mind but rather the product of connecting the dots and coming to a rational determination based on the facts. The most difficult part in this cosmic drama is the way we have been manipulated and controlled through the BIG lie. We are told we are nothing, we are weak, we are our bodies, we are alone in the Universe, we are unable to solve problems without experts, we need the Patriot Act to protect us, War is Peace and this is the way it has been and the way it will always be. All are lies and told to us over and over again until we incorporate that false reality into our collective experience.

The time has come for ALL good people of the world to become the Buddha, AWAKEN from the manufactured dream and take on the Consciousness of Christ so we have NO FEAR. As we navigate our collective experience to a better place, which has been spoken of by the prophets, let us be ever mindful of our hue-man family and their difficulty in seeing what is taking place. Let us have compassion and love, for them, as we allow their awakening to take root and grow in understanding.

It is our job to help guide, identify, explain and articulate what is taking place and then allow each person to make a free will choice to either accept the current reality or help to change it. It is not for us to push, or force others to change but rather to allow them to come to a greater understanding as we navigate to a better place and re frame the nature of our personal and collective reality.

It is not an easy journey to go from a manufactured artificial reality to a reality that is based on truth. Once we start the process of change it takes on a Multidimensional Quantum Development, MQD model that literally transforms our personal and collective reality. It can be hard to accept that we live under the domination of Trans dimensional Alien Masters who have manufactured a false construct that keeps us from connecting to our higher self and the Galactic Grid. We have been lied to, manipulated, dumbed down, medicated, entertained and genetically altered so our DNA is damaged. Those within our hue-man family who can think critically, outside the box, incorporating new data into their conscious awareness may, with help, help to deconstruct the present, artificial matrix and retake planet earth and hue-man-ity from the usurper.

This is a Cosmic, Multidimensional War, for the Soul of Hue-Man-ity, which is Spiritual in nature and has within it the seed for a total transformation of this Planetary System and the Galaxy of which we are a part. This is not Science fiction but rather science fact and something we can accomplish if we can evolve and face who we really are, where we came from, where we are right now and where we are trying to go. It will take willing people who have the guts to seek positive truthful change and are determined to go where few souls have gone before. This is the greatest journey we have ever set out on but it is important to recognize, we can do this. It is crossing a threshold from one paradigm of reality to a new paradigm of reality, not an easy thing for any intelligent creature to accomplish. This is called evolving to the next step on the evolutionary ladder. It is made more difficult when we have been manipulated and dominated by an off world Trans dimensional Alien Species not from this frequency of the creation.

In truth; we have many guides and helpers, here, willing and able to assist us as we navigate to a better place. Some incarnated at this time to be part of the Great Shift, others are here from across the Galaxy and some from higher frequencies of reality. It is our job to recognize what is taking place and to focus our conscious intent so we become Conscious Creators. Not victims of our circumstance but rather Co/Creators of our personal and collective reality. Not dominated by an Elite few, 1% of 1% of the human population but rather 6.5 Billion people co/creating their collective experience.


Robert Reckmeyer

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