Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Key to Our Freedom

Conspiracy Truth with Robert Reckmeyer
Conspiracy Truth is dedicated to the notion; we are all brought forward when we uncover what is really going on and take Action to correct the corruption and manipulation by the few against the many. My goal is to search for Truth and empower the People to rise up and assert their God given Rights for Freedom, Sovereignty and Individualism through Civil disobedience and refusing to participate in a System that is based on the Perpetual War Doctrine and a Scientific Technological Totalitarian Dictatorship.

This is Conspiracy Truth with Robert Reckmeyer

February 3, 2011

The Key to Our Freedom

As we witness the acceleration of time and the point in our experience where we recognize the inevitable fact that all is coming to light, we must keep in mind that much is yet to be written.

Once we understand that our energetic body will be the deciding factor in this human drama and that our emotions will be the creative force that empowers our vision into this 3D construct then and only then can we begin to win this war and utilize the key that will unlock the door and set us free.

The Powers that are now manipulating our collective experience, who have been unopposed, for millennia, do realize that we have entered the final act in their long plan to dominate and subjugate the human race, now and for well into our future.

It is incumbent on us to keep our cool and utilize the higher dimensional energies if we expect to defeat these evil forces. The Satanic influences that have permeated our Political-Economic-Militaristic-Corporate System are well organized and have given power to the ancient bloodline of the Giants. They are greedy for success. Their greed will be their undoing.

The Trans-dimensional factor and their technologies of frequency dynamics must be understood if we are to over-come this menace and defeat the oppressive powers now in control of the Earth Matrix. The government of Kings, the ancient bloodline, knows all too well how to use the Dark Side forces of the light spectrum to maintain their grip. They understand how to communicate multi-dimensionally and have alliances with their Trans-dimensional handlers. They have perfected their understanding and stand ready for the kill. We must be the generation who stop them and reverse their power over us.

The tools to overcome this Grand Manipulation of humanity are Spiritual in Nature and must be understood in those terms. No one in their right mind would show up at a gun fight only carrying a knife. It would be suicide to enter a conflict utilizing the forces of matter when the opponent is utilizing anti-matter and Trans-dimensional forces. They fight with energy and we must respond in kind.

Once we recognize the futility of fighting this war with our hands tied then we can start the process of connecting to the higher energies found within the light. We have been given enough information, enough knowledge, handed down through the ancient texts, through the indigenous cultures and through our connection to our Higher Self to empower ourselves and strike back. We can defeat this menace when we utilize the power found within the Light.

Those of us, who have awakened, must be the light bearers who articulate the plan and marshal the forces to do battle. It is time to connect to our higher selves. It is time to resonate love and compassion on a world wide scale, and through the power of numbers, upload it to the Earth Grid so we jam their artificially controlled hold on this planetary system. We can upload our collective vibration, to the Earth Grid and empower ourselves and the earth to our positive resonance.

The political stirrings we are now watching throughout the Arab world are only the start of a worldwide planetary human awakening. It involves people from all over the world who have an experiential understanding and have an intuitive connection to each other that transcends political-economic –religious or racial differences. People are waking up from what has been a deep slumber and they are reaching out for fundamental change.

The key to winning this war is found within each one of us. The Masters words ring true in each person’s heart because Truth has a frequency of its own. Those of us who understand the Trans-dimensional aspects of this conflict must stand firm in our determination and seek the help that can only be found through a connection to the light. We must ask for Cosmic Spiritual Power and open our heart center with the vibrational energy of love.

Our light shines when we resonate love-compassion-grace and peace. The fact that we dim our energetic body and extinguish our flame when we focus on the negative is made manifest, in this world, and we defeat ourselves. The Fallen One and his cadre of helpers know all too well that this war is a spiritual war for the soul of humanity. If we can look deep within and utilize the unseen forces of light then we will defeat our opponent and his power over us will fail.

Our power is gained when we charge our energetic body with the spiritual power of love. It is a vibrational energy that recharges our batteries and gives us dominion over all lower energies. The power of love is the energy that powers the multi-verse and will enable us to take back our power.

The opponent has manipulated and subjugated humanity for much too long. He has enlisted an Army of workers who fail to uncover his diabolical nature. They are compromised within their compartmentalized reality and blindly help enslave their human family. Many fail to realize who they are helping and blindly contribute to the oppressor.

Now is the time to awaken from the manufactured dream and assert our God given potential for the benefit and uplifting of our human family. The Alien Trans-dimensional entities that have usurped our place in the Galaxy and subjugated our race must be defeated and we must take our Planetary System back. Now is the time, spoken of by the Prophets, to assert our God given potential and take back what is rightfully ours. These Trans-dimensional forces and their cadre of workers will be defeated.

Many eons ago we lost our planetary system when we allowed ourselves to be fooled by the BIG lie. We opened a gate and invited the forces of evil to enter our experience. We failed to recognize their diabolical nature and their designs on our race. Now we have a chance to reset the playing field and open a way for the Christ Consciousness to permeate and operate within each and every one of us. By this process we will retune our collective vibration and resonate a spirit of love that reverses their hold and sets us free.

This war is won when we utilize the energetic forces of light. The key to unlocking the door is our ability to raise our energetic body and resonate love. Their hold on the earth matrix will fall when we energetically upload our collective vibration to the planetary earth grid. Our job is to be the lens by which this light is manifest within the 3D construct and cancels out the Dark Side aspects that they utilize to maintain their hold.

Conspiracy Truth is dedicated to this mission and asks each and every person to meditate on their unique gifts so they can be utilized in the service to others. It is now time to collectively take Action and slay the false construct so we take back our planetary system from those who have gained control. Their control is dependent on us and our choice to be in fear or love. Fear will resonate a vibration that holds their power over us. Love will bring down their control grid. All is maintained on an energetic level and we have the power to change it if we will recognize the physics behind their control.

The outcome is in our hands……..

In Peace-Love and Light,

This has been Robert Reckmeyer for Conspiracy Truth.