Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chemtrails 2009

Spraying us 24/7 and what are we doing to stop our collective destruction? I am sick with chronic headaches, sinus problems and arthritis in my hands. I have been a healthy person all of my life and now at age 55 I am feeling the effects of Chemtrail Spraying on a full time basis since 1997.

We must gather our collective will and demand that they stop the poison gas spraying of the population. This is slow motion genocide. I feel the harmful effects on a daily basis.

World War III is a war against Hue-Man-ity. It is not a war between one Sovereign Nation and another but rather between the Elite few who dominate our Political, Military, Religious, Corporate System. The Elite are systematically culling the population and killing off human beings in the false notion that they can dominate the world forever.

World War III is ongoing and it is incumbent on all of us to recognize what is happening in real time so we can take ACTION to stop their diabolical plan.

Chemtrails are only one aspect of their strategy. They are bombarding our biology with highly toxic chemicals in the air, in our food and water and in vaccines. They have put in place a frequency component that is changing the way our brain processes information. In short it is turning off our ability to be conscious beings of light.

I encourage all to spread the word and help alert others to the level of manipulation so we might turn this ship around. Our Human family deserves to live the life that our Creator intends for each one of us.


Chemtrails 2009

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