Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Emergency Broadcast - New World Order Ahead!

Please do everything you can to circulate this video far and wide. Post it in blogs, bulletins, forums, chain emails... Upload it to your YouTube channel... Use your imagination...

Say No to a New World Order, a Global Fascist Dictatorship controlled by an elite unelected few who answer to an intelligence that is not of this world. Wake up people to the truth that this civilization is founded and controlled by a darkside intelligence that is trans/dimensional and manipulating our species through their bloodline.

Now is the time to stand up and fight back through our conscious awareness. Send out the vibration of love and compassion. Do not allow fear to enter your emotional state because it will add to the collective vibration of fear. Very slow and gives these trans/dimensional beings there ability to operate in this frequency.

The Presidents and Prime Ministers of this world are only minions.....the Banksters are manipulating the political elite and they in turn manipulate us. If one goes to the top, cap stone, one will find an off world intelligence that controls the whole matrix. They only maintain their control when this planetary grid is vibrating very slowly (fear). If we raise the vibration (frequency) through love and compassion (emotional states) then these off world controllers will not be able to operate in this dimension.

The political, corporate super state must be defeated and our constitutional republic reestablished. Say NO to the New World Order and YES to The Brotherhood of Man.


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