Friday, July 31, 2009

G. Edward Griffin

"Mr. Griffin discusses how the U.S. can cancel its ensnaring treaties with the United Nations. He also gives advice on how to spread the truth about the totalitarian agenda of the United Nations, and, finally, how it can be overcome."

Freedom is not something we should take for granted but rather precious and easily taken. I was locked up for eight years, 2980 days (for Marijuana) when I was a much younger man. I sold pot in my teens and twenties, was indicted, sent to jail and lost my freedom. Freedom is a precious thing and until one has lost their freedom they really don't know what it means.

We are at the last stop on the road to a Global Scientific Dictatorship that will, without a doubt, take our United States Constitution and Supersede it with a New World Order. It is time to rise up and be Brave (Fearless) (The Home of the Free and the Brave) so we might turn this nightmare reality into the True Brotherhood of Man.

We can do is incumbant on all of us to see the deception, educate ourselves, and be the kind of person that understands Freedom.

Listen .....take ACTION and be a True American Patriot.

Robert Reckmeyer
G. Edward Griffin

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