Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Real War

The Real War is between the Elite Few and the rest of Hue-man-ity. They are using all means necessary to cull the world population so they can have their Feudal System where they are Masters of their World and we service them forever. This is a reality that should motivate every single hue-man-being on the planet to rise up and throw off their diabolical chains.

They are literally on the last stage of their plan to institute a World Government based on a Scientific Totalitarian Dictatorship. If the good people of the world don't rise up and expose them for who they truly are then we will descend into the abyss.

Now is the time to take ACTION and speak the truth so others might come to a realization and awaken before it is too late. We do not have any more time to waste or we may lose this opportunity to uphold our National Soul spelled out within our sacred documents like the United States Constitution, The Bill Of Rights and all that we hold dear as American Patriots.

Talk to your friends and family, speak out, write a Blog, set up a website, run for Local-State or National Office. Be a Leader and don't be scared or allow them to intimidate you or those you care about. We need to know there are many people who love freedom and individual rights and will fight to keep them.

We have many Cosmic Races represented here who are supporting our awakening and assisting us as we evolve to a higher place in the cosmic order. The Dark Side does not win this war, the forces of Light do. The Brotherhood of Man will be a reality and the misguided souls who assist the Dark Side will be defeated. May God have mercy on their Soul.
Peace/The Brotherhood of Man
Robert B. Reckmeyer+

Alan Watt/Alex Jones
It is a Covert War to Kill Off most of Humanity so the Elite can have their Utopia!

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