Sunday, August 9, 2009

Confronting our National Character

Confronting our National Character;

Who are we?

Where did we come from?

Where are we going?

Who do we want to be?

Are we to allow a well armed few to dictate a new collective reality for America? Since when is it okay to make war on Sovereign Nations spilling innocent blood on a Global scale, this is madness.

Now we see the power turned on all of us, American Citizens. When will the good people of this Great Nation stand up for Freedom? When?

We know there are powerful people who shot and killed our President, so many years ago, and yet we were not strong enough to stand up and demand answers. We have not forgotten who they took from us and the pain we have carried for all of these years. Justice must be served. We must stand up now.

Now we confront the crime of the century 9/11 and once again there are forces at work that mean harm to all of us. They are tightening the noose and we sit back waiting for someone to save us, we must save ourselves. No one is going to ride in and make it all better. WE have to grow up and confront these criminals. We must stand up now.

It is not okay to subvert our United States Constitution. It is not okay to overturn Centuries of Freedom so an Elite few can DOMINATE the good people of the world, it's not okay. We must stand up now.

The United States Citizens, must when called upon, rise up and throw off the illegal, immoral, system that has taken over our Republic. The Patriot Act is Treason, period. The lies that have been told concerning 9/11 are easily documented and prove that our government was complicit in the crime. Forces, at the highest levels were involved with the planning and execution of this dastardly criminal act. We must demand answers. We must stand up now.

The Real War, is a war for the soul of hue-man-ityand this great Nation. The battle is fought in the mind and the weapons of this war are found within the Psyche of each man, woman and child on the planet. This war will not be won with violence, with guns or with any shedding of blood but rather with an acute awareness of ones Higher Self. We as good people, must stand up now.

The enemy fails to understand the simple fact that we are Energetic Beings of Light, who have an ability to discern truth and can when called upon rise up and change the game. We are extremely powerful, intelligent, thoughtful, good and loving creatures that can energetically reverse their manipulated false construct. We must stand up now.

I reject a system that is based on Power and Control, over the people, it is UN-AMERICAN. We are the children of our Founding Fathers, Revolution is the Foundation of our Republic. If a Criminal Cabal has usurped power and illegally subverted our Constitution then they must be held accountable. We The People must stand up (Rise Up) and reconstitute our Union of Sovereign States. We must reject a Central Government that is out of control and operating in an illegal way (outside of our Constitutional Protections) and against the good people of this land. We must ALL stand up now.

I ask the American people to demand a full and complete accounting of 9/11, wherever the facts may lead. No more pretending this long nightmare will just go away. We must demand a full inquiry into the Murder of John F. Kennedy and put that tragic episode to rest. This Nation will not heal until we do. We must ALL, stand up now.

We must be the home of the Free and the Brave. Not just words, but in ACTION! .Let us ALL stand up now

May God have Mercy on All f us as we confront our National Soul. Please Stand Up Now!

Robert B. Reckmeyer

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