Friday, August 21, 2009

The Pentagon Wants To Use The Taliban To Gain Control Of Central Asia

“The Continuing Criminal Enterprise statute, or Title 21 of the United States Code, Section 848(c)(2)
“The Continuing Criminal Enterprise statute, or Title 21 of the United States Code, Section 848(c)(2), defines a criminal enterprise as any group of six or more people, where one of the six occupies a position of organizer, a supervisory position, or any other position of management with respect to the other five, and which generates substantial income or resources, and is engaged in a continuing series of violations of sub chapters I and II of Chapter 13 of Title 21 of the United States Code.”

Friday, August 21, 2009
1. The USA uses profits from heroin to pay for its presence in Afghanistan.
2. The USA set up the Taliban and it still hopes to make use of the Taliban.
3. The USA would like to use the Taliban to destabilise Central Asia.
4. The USA’s eventual aim is to have military bases throughout Central Asia.

In this article, the main points made by General Mahmut Gareev, a commander during Russia’s time in Afghanistan, are as follows:

1. The profits from Afghan heroin are being used by the USA to pay for its Afghan campaign.
2. When General Gareev was in Afghanistan, in 1989 and 1990, the production of heroin almost ceased, apart from in certain areas.
3. Since then, it has increased by 44 per cent.
4. 80% of the world’s drugs are produced in Afghanistan.
5. The Americans themselves admit that drugs are often transported out of Afghanistan on American planes.
6. “Drug trafficking in Afghanistan brings them about 50 billion dollars a year – which fully covers the expenses tied to keeping their troops there.”
7. The US military “don’t have any planned military action to eliminate the Mujaheddin.
“Rather, they want to make the situation more unstable and help the Taliban to be more active.
“They even started negotiations with them, trying to direct them to the Central-Asian republics, to destabilize the whole region and set up their bases there.”

Illegal Drug Business and The Ciminalization of Our Government
Robert Reckmeyer
The modern illegal drug trade started many years ago when the British (British East India Company)controlled the production and transportation of opium grown in India. They organized the trade to raise large sums of cash for the world economy and in the process set the stage for the current illegal drug business. They also smuggled their opium into China and dumbed down a whole generation of people as a way to exert their power and control.

In more recent times one must look at the western intelligence services to understand the organization behind the illegal drug trade in the world. They literally license who may operate and who may participate in the production, transportation, money laundering, and ultimate sale of the commodity. They control the business from the source to the street level dealers who ultimately distribute it to the end users.

The illegal drug business is the most lucrative business in the world and is used to fund the Shadow Governments black operations around the planet. In recent times we have uncovered their illegal operations and a clearer picture has emerged. The most vivid example is the Iran Contra scandal that broke in the early 1990’s implicating many in the Ronald Reagan White House.

George H.W. Bush was the key player in the Iran Contra CIA Cocaine Operation run out of the Reagan White House during the early and mid 1980’s. It is well documented that Vice President George H.W. Bush was in direct operational control of the secret team working to fund the Contra’s during the illegal Iran Contra operation. Ollie North, John Poindexter, Elliott Abrams, Thomas Clines, Clair George, Richard Secord and others were operationally up to their ears, with Vice President George H.W. Bush and were later Pardoned by him as a way to keep the truth from coming out.

It is well documented that our United States government is directly involved in the illegal drug business, both in the past and currently as a part of their war in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan drug operation helps to fund their war of aggression and supplies our CIA with large sums of cash to finance a covert war throughout the region. This is nothing new. During the Vietnam War in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, our CIA set up a large scale drug operation helping the Laotian tribesmen transport their heroin and set up new smuggle routes to the west. They addicted a whole generation of American kids to finance their illegal wars of aggression. It is well documented that the intelligence services throughout the world utilize the illegal drug business to raise enormous sums of cash to fund their black operations.

Welcome to the real world of shadow government and real world politics. I know sometimes it hurts to learn that there are a lot of illegal things going on in the name of freedom and liberty and in truth it is up to us to hold these people accountable. They hide behind the national security act and slap it on everything so they can justify murder, illegal drug deals, false arrests and subversion of sovereign governments. There is nothing they won’t do if they think it will help them in their lust for full power and control.

May I suggest we take the blinders off and deal with the criminalization of our government so we might make a fresh start.

Peace/The Brotherhood of Man
Robert Reckmeyer
Masons NWO and the CIA working with the taliban

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