Friday, August 14, 2009

Native American Genocide and the New World Order

“I recently read a great analogy about a baby eagle that fell from its nest and landed in a chicken pen. It grew up thinking it was a chicken scratching all day with the other hens. One day a mighty soaring eagle spotted the bird and swooped down to see what was happening. When it confronted the eagle, with the truth, that it was a mighty, majestic creature made to soar above the earth; the eagle was amazed and could hardly believe what it was being told. All it had to do was look up, flap its wings and soar. When it finally did look up and fly the coop it was amazed at the gift that God had given to him. We too must look up and accept our free gift of flight. We must lift our heads from the limits of the ground and allow our majesty to take flight, soaring above the Tara firma.”

I wrote that while meditating on "A Revolution in Consciousness". Obviously we need to reframe the nature of our personal and collective reality or we are in real trouble.

The Brotherhood of Man,

Robert Reckmeyer

Native American Genocide and the New World Order

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