Monday, October 6, 2008

Conspiracy Truth

What a great time, to be here, experiencing life in the earth plane. As we experience the breakdown of the established order we need to be cognizant of the fact that all is well and moving towards a new horizon. I liken it to birthing a new baby. What a joyful time to be "expecting". When we experience pregnancy we know during the final month, before the birth process actually starts, it becomes very uncomfortable and there is great expectation for what is coming, not only the birth process itself but the joy of a new baby.

As the mother begins the birth process time speeds up and many unknowns present themselves. It can become quite traumatic, painful, scary, bloody, and even in some unfortunate cases deadly. One must be about their wits and not allow the process to take ones peace but rather stay focused on the release and the new life being birthed. We are in the beginning stages of the birth process and now (more than ever) we must dig deep and keep our eyes focused on the new life and the joy associated with it.

Many will run to and fro doing their best to frighten the un-knowledgeable about what is happening, economic collapse due to the sub prime mortgage meltdown, Wall Street credit crunch, the derivatives and futures markets and the simple fact that most people in north America are fooling themselves as to the extent of the problem. Have no Fear! As we experience the system breaking down let us be cool in the eye of the storm and not be focused on the birth process but rather the new life, a new civilization being birth. The old must pass away for the new to be born. It is actually a time of great joy!

Be supportive, be helpful, be strong, be clear headed, be prepared, be positive, be a true partner and friend and when all is said and done be joyful and lift your hearts with great thanksgiving for what is to come! at peace.

May our light shine in the midst of the dark and illuminate our surroundings.

Robert Reckmeyer

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