Wednesday, October 22, 2008

War Made Easy

The reality is quite clear; we as citizens of this great country have allowed the killing of women, children and innocent Iraqi men all in the name of freedom and liberty. The war in Iraq has been perpetrated on the Iraqi people as the result of criminal fraud and not for our security or to bring democracy and freedom to the Iraqi people. This war is about the control of energy reserves and it is time we hold our elected officials accountable for their criminal acts.

We are killing the citizens of a whole country! This war should be a wake up call to all good people of the world. Now is the time to reject the art of war for the brotherhood of man. This war must end and we must turn from perpetual war to a moral, sustainable model that values life and not death.

The wealthy super elite are the only people who gain with the war doctrine. The good people of the world do not support killing fellow human beings so a self appointed few can consolidate their power and control the innocent people of the world. Wake up America, take responsibility for what is being executed in your name, reject a model that kills and embrace a model that supports life!

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