Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Economic Meltdown

In the face of economic hardship we have the seed for real change and an opportunity to transcend the current manipulation. Now is the time to dig deep and rise above the fear factor. It comes down to a choice; either fear or inspiration. When we take the high road we allow very fast energy to quicken our reality and change our world for the better. When we allow fear to infect our lives we resonate very slow unhealthy energy that keeps us trapped in our own negative thinking.

We are in the process of a complete economic collapse that is being engineered by a small elite few in the furtherance of their long standing agenda to take our sovereignty both personal and collective. They are quite skilled in their ability to socially engineer a New World Order out of economic chaos. The challenge we have before us is quite simple; i.e. we either allow their evil scheme to take our peace and scare us or we rise above the false manipulation and collectively say no. No to fear and yes to inspiration.

The banks, insurance companies, large and small businesses, state governments will seek a bailout from the federal government and the congress will take the bait. In the end even our federal government will be insolvent and our dollar will collapse. When the federal government is tapped out where do they turn? In truth the international bankers know exactly what they are doing and it is a complete financial meltdown so they can institute their New World Order fix, i.e. a new financial system based on a new currency, the Amero.

The world is being cut up into zones, the North American Union which includes the United States, Canada and Mexico, the European Union, Asian Union and the African Union. It is important that we know what is going on and that we stay calm in spite of the chaos going on around us.

Now is the time to DYOR (do your own research) and come to your own truth.......don't listen to me or give up your ability to critically think. The best way to know what is really going on in the world is to take responsibility for the information gathered and sort through what is real and what is a manipulation. Once we can understand the level of manipulation it frees us to uncover the truth. Happy hunting.......


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