Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Naomi Klein, Shock Doctrin

We are in a time where it is important to pay attention and DYOR (do your own research) . Naomi Klein speaks to the truth concerning how the elite few manipulate the good citizens of this Great Nation. We must be eternally vigilant in our responsibilities as United States citizens and hold these people accountable for their sinister misdeeds. After 911 the evil few manipulated all of us with the Shock Doctrine ramming through the Patriot Act while we were still reeling from the False Flag Operation perpetrated on us. They utilized the same technique after the credit markets froze up and pushed through the Wall Street Bailout. Now we must guard against the next manipulation soon to be unleashed against us with the manipulated economic collapse soon to be upon us. Watch and be vigilant when they demonetize the US Dollar and usher in the North American Union and the new currency, the Amero. When we inform ourselves we empower ourselves!


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