Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dr. John Hagelin PhD

The Law of One, Unified Field/Consciousness, We Create our own Reality, Micro/Macro, Foundation of the Universe.

Life is all connected, the Electric Universe, Super String, an Ocean of Existence, Ripples on the Ocean of Consciousness.

Waves of Vibrations, United at our Core, One Consciousness, Self is Universal, Enlightenment, smaller-smaller. Particles replaced by Wave Function..........A Thought Universe..........

We live in a Conscious Universe.............Potentiality!

Wake up!

Peace/Compassion/Conscious Awareness/Self Aware


Dr. John Hagelin PhD

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To the conspiracy people who believe the government and rich people hide energy from humanity as they control us- YOUR HEAD is up your ass. man just

walked out of the woods last century- used to cut the arm to bleed out infections-used to ride a horse or walk all day to see someone several miles

away- man is still a savage and stupid creature that must learn humility across the planet until THY will be done on earth as it is ion heaven- A

utopian world-

there are no solutions yet- man is aggressive looking for them- in deep oceans- in frozen arctic lands- against neighbors with the will to kill anyone

in the path as one side dominates the other-

YOU ARE slaves of the rich no doubt- from pyramids to working in factories- just gives us employment-food shelter and some dignity as i try to live my

life with children an opportunity to grow with infinity as a god given right-

technology and growth makes man better every century-

man is still savage-

I have now been on the net for 20 months with a never before experiment in history of science only to be ignored and abused- not only lay persons- but

scientists themselves- for they are human with frailty are filled with ignorance- jealousy-vanity-drive to survive mechanism which makes you king and

others subservient unless they sign your paycheck-

20 months now since april 2007 as all just ignore- this is built upon my observations of 10 years with other solutions to a rich gluttonous people that

seek viagra and extacy for immediate gains like a caged mouse that kills itself with self stimulating sexual triggers-

solomon azar