Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Truth in Government Conspiracy Theories Conscious Creator Enterprise

Truth in Government Conspiracy Theories
Conscious Creator Enterprise

Conscious Creator Enterprise

All of us have the power to create our own reality based on what we focus on and yet most of us don’t realize how truly powerful we really are. We take credit for the good things that comes our way and find fault with the bad when it comes into our experience. Accepting responsibility is never easy especially when it involves owning up to our individual and collective experience as something we have a hand in creating. None of us is without fault and in truth once we understand our ability to create our reality-experience it is then we have the seed for real fundamental change.

We are the author, producer, director, lead actor, chief critic and ultimately the one person who has direct control over our production. There will be those who say it’s not so simple and the world is manipulating humanity in a rather sick human drama well out of our control. True on one dimension but false on another.

We have free will. We can choose to join the system and seek advancement within it or not. Many think it beyond their control and yet in truth we sign up for the role we play or we simply pass, most sign up. Part of the struggle is to identify what role we really want to play and in whose play we want to participate. If we are swept up in the energy of this world and we fail to see the truth then whose fault is it, mine or theirs? I take responsibility and say mine.

The key to being a conscious creator is understanding the power one possesses, and then acting on that power. The metaphor of writing, directing, producing, acting and ultimately critiquing our human drama is made manifest if we take responsibility for our life experience. If we never own up to our power then we will never exercise it and instead we will fail and others will manipulate our expression.

We have within our power the opportunity to change the current paradigm if we focus our intent and organize ourselves in a common effort. Our ability to write a new script, and produce a new human drama is doable but we must be willing to do the work and make it happen. A conscious creator enterprise is when six or more individuals decide to focus their intent and change the world by changing the script, and writing a new ending (beginning) to the drama currently unfolding. Nothing is set in stone and all is possible if one truly believes. It is a moving target and all are possibilities…..

All are possibilities…..nothing is written in stone………we can consciously create a new world based on individual freedom, sustainability, the brotherhood of man and the ability to utilize our creative power for the benefit of humanity. Change the intent and magnify the focus, like a laser beam, and we will change the world.


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