Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ray Charles - Oh Beautiful America

The One Infinite Creator has bestowed on each one of us a free gift of sovereignty. It is incumbent on each one of us to protect that gift and assert our human right(s) as free sovereign intelligent life, (Hu-Man Beings) in the multi-verse.

When an elite few, less than 2% of 2% own, control and manipulate humanity for their own gain, and we allow it to continue, then in essence, we are refusing our free gift.

When I was incarcerated for running a marijuana business, back in the 1970's, I was locked in a box and unable to free myself. Now I watch as the good people of the world choose slavery over freedom, and it is a choice! The information is available for those willing souls who will diligently search and find.

I still believe in our Grand Experiment and the beauty of our land.

Let us pray: May the good Lord bless and keep us now and forever, from this day forward and open our eyes, open our hearts and free us from those who would manipulate us for their own gain.


Ray Charles - Oh Beautiful America

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