Saturday, December 13, 2008

UFO's and the Bible/Song of Love

Are we a product of our age or do we still see the Biblical narrative with ancient eye's? I have since my early childhood incorporated the extra-terrestrial, multi-trans-dimensional perspective into my personal reality. There was never a question as to the reality, the only question was: when will the collective unconscious wake up and "see" the multi-dimensional aspect of the creation and all the intelligent life seeded throughout the cosmos.

We are now at the end of 2008......may I suggest we shake off the old way of interpreting the Biblical narrative and embrace the truth that we are part of a galactic family who have both polarities represented, we have relatives (human body type) aligned with the dark side and those who have chosen the forces of light. It is our role to ascend and join the galactic, multi-trans-dimensional brotherhood aligned with the positive polarity.

We must reject the Dark forces who hijacked our world many eons ago and graduate to another frequency, higher on the musical octave scale. When we quicken our vibration through our focused intent it literally tunes us higher up the musical scale (frequency dynamics, trans-dimensional ascension).

Fear is the emotion that all negative feelings spring from. Love is the emotion that resonates and magnifies our feelings of compassion, abundance, forgiveness, hope, charity and grace. Compassion would be the feeling that is closest to the emotion of love. Compassion is an emotional feeling it is not an intellectual construct. Compassion is from the heart not from the head.

Recently I have been gifted with a spiritual test; The universe (consciousness) brought into my experience a situation that helped me to grow in my ability to resonate compassion. It can be likened to singing and holding a musical (compassion) note. It is well beyond an intellectual understanding and a public pronouncement that I love you or have compassion for your personal situation, whether self inflicted or sadly being a victim.

If one is confronted with a loved one who is cold, hungry and homeless, during the winter (18 degrees and sleeping in ones car), and it is Christmas time, do you turn them away because their situation is self inflicted, partially, or take them in and help them,(food, shelter, heat). Does the choice help one resonate the note of compassion or do we fail the opportunity and intellectualize that we did the right thing (turn away) so as not to enable the negative self inflicted behavior.

If there is a blizzard raging (personal storm) outside and a family member is cold, hungry and in need (at Christmas time) do we say sorry.....go find another shelter, go find another meal, go stand in line and hope the county shelter has room (many are maxed out right now due to the economy), or do we open our heart and sing the song of our Lord; the musical note of compassion.

Each day brings all of us spiritual treasure if we allow it and accept the free gift. Not by my good works but through the Grace (free gift) of the One Infinite Creator. When we can understand that spiritual treasure is vibrational and the cosmos is set up utilizing the musical octave scale, it is then we will begin to sing our spiritual song. Love is a musical note, compassion, forgiveness, hope and can not experience the gift of Grace until they sing it, resonating the emotional harmony (song) of the cosmos. Sing the note of compassion and lift up your hearts singing the song of creation (love).

Peace to all and to all a Merry Christmas Season......sing forth the harmony of love, compassion, hope, charity, abundance and join the chorus of all of God's children......the song of Love!

Peace and compassion
UFO's and the Bible

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