Sunday, September 20, 2009

Faith vs Fear

Faith vs Fear

Robert Reckmeyer

Humankind is at a crossroads in its consciousness development and it is the decision(s) we make that will determine if we as a species ascend to a higher level of consciousness or stay mired in the lower vibrational energy. Once we have a basic understanding of this choice then it becomes an individual responsibility. We can not claim ignorance as a defense.

The first level understanding is quite simplistic, i.e. to be positively aligned or negatively aligned. If one is aligned with the negative polarity then they are choosing power and control through fear. If one is choosing the positive polarity then they are about a faith based belief system. Faith translates into a respect for the individual as a creation of the highest order, faith in God, faith in the higher good and faith in a person’s individual sovereignty.

When we choose faith then we understand that love, compassion and individual sovereignty is a fundamental gift from God.When one has chosen a faith based positive polarity, as a human software belief system, then we are pursuing a path to Higher Consciousness, i.e. the higher vibrational frequencies. This choice activates our Light Body and will fundamentally change our DNA. Higher Consciousness is teaching us how to activate our light body in order that we might experience a more abundant life.

When we choose to love and share compassion we activate vibrational energy that radiates throughout the universe. The stars, planets and living creatures act as relays to the whole of creation.

Our choice to align with a faith based polarity has enormous consequences for our planet earth, humanity and our Milky Way galaxy, in truth for our whole universe. It is of great interest to all of Universal Creation.

The choice to utilize the lower vibrational frequencies, i.e. the Dark Side forces, a fear based belief system, which incorporates power and control through fear, is an individual choice but has a collective effect. We know through our current scientific understanding that fear causes human beings to vibrate at a lower frequency. When we allow our consciousness to stay in the lower vibrational frequencies we turn off our light body and fail to ascend to a higher reality.

Jesus Christ was quite clear with His message; have no fear! Fear causes our planet earth to stay “in the dark” and keeps us from ascending to our true spiritual place in the universe. We are not created to be slaves to the lower vibrational frequencies but rather created in the image of God and connected to our higher self. We can activate our higher strands of DNA which in turn activates our Light Body.

A few years ago, at the University of Florida, during a student forum question and answer session, a twenty one year old male student asked a question of United States Senator John Kerry. He asked him a question about his involvement with Yale Universities secrete society, Skull & Bones. As John Kerry struggled to answer the question this young student was confronted by two police officers, one male and one female. The female policewoman grabbed the student by the arm and tried to forcibly remove him from the microphone and hall. She and the male police officer could not force him from the microphone so the female officer assumed the crouching position and drew her 9 millimeter hand gun and aimed it at the students head. Consequently the student was surrounded by six police officers and pleading for help was electro shocked with a high powered Taser stun gun.

Some choose to respond to this incident by claiming that it is good when the police responded the way they did. I liken it to Nazi Germany and the fact we both identify with this tactic and would be proud to wear the uniform in 1939 Berlin or we reject it. I believe it is a fundamental choice. Either we are aligned with the light and our higher self, our super consciousness, or we align with the Dark Side.

If we think it is acceptable to utilize this kind of power and control through fear then we are sending the message that we agree with the utilization of dark side forces. We are ascribing to a fear based belief system that incorporates the negative polarity and as such we are not choosing to be counted with the forces of light.

Human beings need to be free to ask the hard questions of their government officials especially when a student forum is organized for that purpose. Whether it be in the White House press room, Watergate, Iran Contra, Chemtrails, the truth about 9/11 or H1N1 Swine Flu, we need to allow the truth to come out. To try and exert power and control through fear is unacceptable and has no place if we are a follower of Truth. It is the opposite of faith. Fear is completely unacceptable as a means for control.

Nazi Fascism is as real in this age as it was in the 1930’s. We are living through a historical time line that is best summarized with the phrase “The War on Terror” The war on terror is a human belief system. If one ascribes to a fear based reality then they are part of the problem not part of the solution.

I am concerned about the nature of our personal and collective reality. I don’t doubt that we are here, in this age for good reason. My spirit cries out with compassion, for all of us, so that we might individually and collectively experience the wonder of waking up. Consciousness is quickened when we understand the truth of vibrational physics and the reality of our belief system. Personally I want to graduate to the next level and I know many understand deep within their spirit that faith far out trumps fear.

Let us pray and meditate upon this incident and the age we are living in and not take the elitist position that falsely thinks instilling fear in the population is an acceptable way to maintain control. Human beings are created free and our sovereignty is fundamental to who we are as a species. If the elite expect to maintain their control through fear, pray God they will fail. And pray God the good citizens of the world will wake up and not allow it to progress any further.

Our role as good citizens is to pose the question: Are we a follower of the our highest good, the light, aligned with the positive polarity or are we aligned with the Dark Side, utilizing power and control through fear. Sitting on the fence is not an option, one and all must choose.

The police scared many of those young students at the University of Florida, when they electro-shocked that young man. The government, under the guise of The New World Order, is trying to control the human family through fear, the War on Terror and the N1N1 Swine Flu hype are two good examples. As President George Bush once stated; we are either with them or against them. I for one stand up and choose to be faith based, love and compassion, light body activation, aligned with my highest good. I reject a fear based system. May I suggest we all do.

Robert Reckmeyer

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