Thursday, September 17, 2009

Forced vaccinations

Robert Reckmeyer

If we allow the systematic culling of the population, through forced vaccination, then we have already lost the battle. Our bodies are our last defense. Our immune system has the ability to keep us safe and healthy, it is the shot that is deadly. It will shut down our immune system and we will die en mass.

Under NO circumstance will I or my family be forced to take their poison needle, it is genocide and as bad as walking into the gas chamber. Contact your friends and family, everyone you know and warn them of the danger.
This is the time to say enough is enough, stand up for our sovereign rights and DO NOT ALLOW the Elite few to perpetrate this insanity. My body is my sovereign gift from God and no one will violate me.
It is time for peaceful Revolution and a mass movement to reassert our Constitutional Republic form of Government. We must rise up and say no to forced vaccinations, not some of us but millions across the country and the world. It is not okay to violate someones body, it's not okay. We must assert healthy boundries, certain things are not okay. One must respect anothers free will choice and not violate their sovereignty. Free will is paramount to a healthy relationship. Power and Control is not okay, period.

Forced vaccinations

Former Kansas state trooper Greg Evensen

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