Sunday, September 13, 2009

Project Camelot interviews Jane Burgermeister

Robert Reckmeyer

We have before us a choice; either we stand up for our unique perspective, our sovereign individualism, our free will and our cosmic place in the multi-verse or we allow an armed few to dictate their New World Order Agenda on the whole of humanity.

The World Health Organization has been granted its mandate by the authority of the United Nations and we are now moving head strong towards a world wide catastrophe. I encourage each and every good citizen of Planet Earth to seek Natural Law and to resist any and all attempts at Forced Vaccinations.

The opportunity for utilizing nano technology to Chip the world human population is very high and I would warn each person reading this blog to copy it to all their friends, family and co/workers so they might be warned.

There is a criminal conspiracy, at work, to cull the population and to manipulate world events to bring in their Scientific Dictatorship before the mass awakening of humanity. We must stand up and halt their diabolical plan.

We need a peaceful Revolution where we restore our Constitutional Republic holding those Criminal perpetrators accountable for their crimes.

Do Your Own Research (DYOR) and come to your own truth. Resist with all of your might and may we be protected as we do all in our power to defend ourselves from a criminal cabal who are playing for keeps.

This is a war for our soul both on an individual and collective basis. Our Nations viability is at stake. We must resist and stand up for our human rights based on Natural Law.


Robert Reckmeyer

Project Camelot

David and Goliath might be an appropriate title for this video. Because Jane B├╝rgermeister, as a committed Christian, possesses an almost unreasonable amount of courage in her single-handed stand - against what many perceive as being a giant that few people are equipped to fight.

Jane is a young woman living in Vienna who, while working as a medical editor, was horrified to learn in early 2009 of the fiasco in which a Baxter International research facility in Orth-Donau, Austria, sent a quantity of human H3N2 viral material to 18 European laboratories.

Such a supply of experimental material would have been totally normal - except that in this instance the H3N2 had been somehow contaminated with live H5N1... the far more lethal Avian Flu.

As a medical editor, Jane immediately realized the import of what had happened - and what had nearly happened - and raised the alarm. But no-one in the Austrian media was interested. She then took matters into her own hands and filed legal charges against those who she considered the perpetrators to be.

Very soon after, Jane was dismissed from her job without explanation. Undeterred, she sought support on the internet and continued her campaign. In the months since then she has attracted committed followers - and critics - all over the world. She is not alone in suspecting that there exists a literally diabolical plan which is nothing less than the genocide of potentially hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Project Camelot can understand how she has inspired many others to wake up and take action: it's a little harder to understand some of her critics. When we learned that a number of serious accusations had been leveled against her, the obvious thing to do was to seek her out and talk to her on camera - one of the things that Project Camelot is equipped to do best.

So, this we have done. The result speaks for itself. We bring you the real Jane B├╝rgermeister: feisty, determined, passionate, articulate, and authentic.

Project Camelot interviews Jane Burgermeister

David Icke

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