Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Perfidious/Toxic Relationships

Robert Reckmeyer

Per*fid"i*ous (pər*fid"i*us; 277), a. [L. perfidious.]

1. Guilty of perfidy; violating good faith or vows; false to trust or confidence reposed; teacherous; faithless; as, a perfidious friend. Shak.

2. Involving, or characterized by, perfidy. "Involved in this perfidious fraud." Milton.

The International Baking System has perpetrated a Perfidious Fraud on the good people of the world.

We have entered the Twilight Zone, don't turn back.........go forward!

The financial system must be completely scraped and then rebuilt by taking back the creation of money and credit and put it back in the peoples hands and not in the parasitical bankers. All debts must be repudiated and we must start over or we will be in a perpetual depression.

This past several years I have experienced the Economic Tsunami that we have all been suffering through, I say all and in truth there are (Sum) some who continue to hum along as though nothing is amiss. Strange World we are living in.

I am a small businessman who started his business on August 15th 1994 providing personal services (Indoor Tanning) in the Washington DC metro area. My business started with one location and expanded over the years to five (5) stores and organizing a Network of (25) locations with five owners . Thankfully I was blessed with a lot of animal energy and worked very hard to build the business utilizing all the positive lessons I learned through my life experience. I have operated with the highest integrity and done everything within the legal and moral code of society, now I have had my small business stolen from me through a corrupt economic system.

This town (Washington DC Metro Area) is a company town (Federal Government, Military, Intelligence, Information Technology, Security and all things associated with the Military Industrial Complex) and has within it a cushion when it comes to the economic realities of the world. This time even the Washington D.C. Metro Area is feeling the economic meltdown taking place on a world wide basis. No person, place or thing will be spared from this economic meltdown, it is a true economic collapse in progress, one financial support at a time.

The equity in our home, our 401k, our sweat equity in our small business, our savings, stock account, bank and savings and loan. Where has all the money $$ gone? It has not vanished but rather gone to the very top 1% of 1%. The rich get richer and the middle class goes Bankrupt.

As a result of forces outside my control, (Wall Street Manipulations, Government Criminality, an Elite Agenda, and Dark Side Forces) my small business has been crushed (now last store closed 09/15, 2009) and as a result my personal finances have withered away. I am not alone and I feel the full effect of the Economic Depression that is sweeping the world like a killer hurricane.

The Military Industrial Complex, Government workers (CIA, Homeland Security, Military, Empire Building, Perpetual War Doctrine is making BIG Bucks and the real economy is in the tank. Pretty sick when War and Power and Control over-pay their work force and the rest of us have to suffer. The vast majority of people have been crushed by the illegal and criminal manipulations of the few, and my friends it has only started. Should we be standing here allowing this to happen? NO! I think we need to take ACTION!

I have a healthy dis-trust of the system since I have experienced first hand the criminalization of it. I have watched over the years as it sunk into a deep chasm failing to right itself and self regulate. We now experience criminal behavior by our elected officials as they execute their diabolical New World Order Agenda, (Globalism) by allowing and actually helping the largest theft in recorded world history. They are accelerating the process through the economic bailout, (TARP) and the Wall Street Bailout, in short we need to stop them.

See: Swine Flu H1N1 Hoax and Forced Vaccinations by a Criminal Elite (Perfidious Fraud)

My thoughts and ACTIONS come down to a simple straight forward approach.

  1. We must be personally viable or one can not help anyone else.

  2. Our spouse and children are our number one responsibility and ALL others come second.

  3. We can not nor should we be losing sight of the BIG picture by taking our eye off the ball.

  4. We must utilize any and ALL mechanisms, laws, to our advantage as long as it is legal and moral.

  5. If family, friends or associates are working against any of the above, they must be let go and (if) healthy the relationships pursued another day, if unhealthy then release and move forward absent the toxicity.

  6. If after careful thought and personal-professional-legal advice is sought, and one takes decisive ACTION, then don't second guess oneself and back peddle allowing others to manipulate and execute their own agenda.

I have learned through my life experience, marriage, legal business, illegal marijuana business, Federal Prison, family dynamics, LIFE, that sometimes people can project their internal toxicity on others. They falsely accuse others of the exact thing that permeates their own inner world. I have lived through many tough times, I have learned the tough lessons of life building my good character, my compassion, my love for Hue-Man-ity-Earth, my honesty, as I struggled with the reality of my personal journey. I have never sought after anything that was not mine. I have never falsely accused another. I have watched as others choose to project their own toxicity even on those who are close family.

My world is based on Truth, Compassion, Love and the Light of Revelation. All of my efforts are motivated in the pursuit of (r)Evolution of the Hue-Man species.

We are living in the age of revealing, when the masks will come down. Sometimes the TRUTH hurts but remember to stay calm and cool in the face of adversity because that is when the growth will come. Our job is to seek after truth, soul growth, increasing our light as we navigate through the deep dark forest. Watch out for the creepy crawlies because they will bite you if given the chance. Don't allow the poison darts to penetrate or Darth Vader and the evil step sisters to take your peace. If one can maneuver through the obstacle course and learn the maze then it will enable one to help others as they do the same. And don't ever forget that ALL is good and working towards the final outcome, I choose the Light of Revelation, how might you choose?


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