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The Angelic Hue-Man Race

Robert Bruce Reckmeyer
Conspiracy Truth
Angelic Hue-man Race
January 3, 2010

The Angelic Hue-man Race

The United States is a Corporation and our Constitutional Rights are a smoke screen to keep the public thinking we are free. The sad fact is; we are living in a system that wages Perpetual War to feed its insatiable appetite for Full Spectrum Dominance and Control, both here at home and around the world.

Watch what I do, not what I say. If the Patriot Act [Treason Act] has replaced the Constitution, then we are NOT free but rather enslaved by the System. Look at 1939 Germany and one will clearly see that we are a Totalitarian Police State. It is not something we are becoming; rather, we are it, in full bloom.

We need a mass movement, by the people, for the people and of the people if we expect to change the dynamic and assert our inalienable rights gifted to us by the Creator. Not granted by the State but ours as a Fundamental Right of Life. Nothing will change for the better unless or until we stand up and demand our Freedom.

America has squandered its good name, is now perceived as a bully around the world and is waging a criminal war agenda that will not end until “We the People” demand through civil disobedience and non compliance, that it stop. We must reassert our Constitutional Protections and dismantle the criminal document [Treason Act] that the Corrupt Politicians drafted and enacted after the False Flag Psy/Op known as 9/11.

In truth 9/11 was a Blood Sacrifice, timed to a certain date, for maximum resonance within the frequency of fear. It has Occult significance and is part of a Luciferian Agenda for the complete subjugation of our Hue-man Race and our Mother Earth. This agenda has its inception in our ancient origins when the Fallen Angels came down to Earth and tampered with our DNA rewriting our genetic code and subverting our true role as Guardians of this Planet.

If we fail to go where the facts lead us then we will never throw off these chains and in truth we will be a subjugated race enslaved to a very cunning and intelligent Serpent Race that is from another Spectrum of the creation. No one can dispute their abilities. They are Masters at Genetic Engineering; they are at the top of the food chain as it pertains to high technology. They are brilliant when it comes to understanding the manipulation and subjugation of other races throughout the cosmos.

The place this race falls short is the key to their downfall. They are polarized in the negative, utilizing the Dark side forces. They are not gifted with a DNA software code that enables them to have an ability to transverse a very wide aspect of the frequency spectrum. They are limited to a very small aspect of the bandwidth and it is the reason they are working diligently to crossbreed with our race. We are far superior to them once we understand who we really are and the POWER inherent in the forces of Light.

When we polarize in the positive, resonating Love-Compassion-Empathy and Peace we literally light up our “Hue” man body and power up our ability to transverse a very wide aspect of the light spectrum. We are part of the Angelic Realms and as such we have been given a responsibility that is over the other races. This truth, this fact is what drives this Serpent Race to let its Pride overcome its highest good. Pride comes before the downfall.

So, where we are right now, is important, if we expect to defeat this menace, foisted upon our race eons ago. We are at a crossroads in our development and ascension to full Light Body Configuration. It comes down to a choice. The choice is quite simple; i.e. Old Paradigm, fear based, ascribing to a power and control agenda, a perpetual war doctrine or a New Paradigm based on Love and Compassion, Empathy and Peace. Two separate paths, in essence two different expressions within the hue-man family.

May I encourage each individual to make that choice right now. If you have already made it then it is time to identify your unique talents and abilities and put them to work for the tasks at hand. This is a war for survival and it is cosmic in nature and has galactic proportions. It may, at times, feel like we are in a Star Wars scenario and in many respects we are, but we must be vigilant in our determination to;

1. Educate ourselves to what is truly taking place
2. Take action to correct the imbalance
3. Work diligently to raise our vibration utilizing the frequency of Love, 528 Hz
4. Never give up until we have vanquished the usurper [Serpent Race and their allies]

My life experience and my intuition tell me we can defeat this menace if we band together and utilize the forces of Light. If we fail to tap into the Power of Light we will stumble in the Dark and the Dark side forces will keep the upper hand. Remember this is a spiritual war with [3D] three dimensional aspects. All is centered on a Trans Dimensional level and it is on us to seek the power inherent within the Light. Luke Skywalker had it right, we must utilize the Force.

I have spent a lifetime in metaphysical study, Edgar Cayce, the Hebrew Prophets, Atlantis, Energy medicine, colored gems, UFO, Alien Abductions and Genetic manipulation, The Fallen Angels, Nephilim, Serpent Race, Illuminati, New World Order and many other subjects. My head and heart tell me that we are the ones who have entered this dimension, in this age, to make a stand, go to battle and defeat this Trans dimensional Race and restore our Planetary System and the Hue-man Race to its proper place in the Galaxy and the greater creation.

I now sound the alarm, for all seekers of truth, to rise up and assume their rightful place [role] in this Grand undertaking. May we set out on this journey knowing we are part of a Cosmic Design instigated by the Grand Architect before the foundation of the World. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the true believers who when called upon heard the call and responded with all our might. We are now asked to go forth and slay the Dragon so we can meet our responsibility and be all that we were designed to be, Light Warriors, Seekers of Truth, Guardians of Planet Earth and the Ambassadors and Protectors of Life in the Multiverse. That is our true calling.

In the name of Peace, Love and Light

Robert Reckmeyer

A message from an angelic shaman monk- light warriors-wake up

We the people of Planet Earth, and members of the Angelic Human Lineage, hereby declare our Sovereign Independence from all power structures and control matrixes which presently impede our natural forward evolution. We make this declaration as free peoples born of a lineage which was created to help reestablish universal balance in all realms within the dimensionalized system.

As Angelic Humans, we posses within our DNA Code the Silicate Matrix. The Silicate Matrix affords every human the potential to consciously exist within all 12 dimensional time bands, simultaneously. Because of these innate abilities we carry, and the resulting ramifications they bring on races who choose to promote an imbalanced agenda, our race has been repeatedly manipulated by outside forces, degrading our collective gene pool. These distortions in our collective DNA have brought our race to near ruin. Because of these distortions, most humans presently residing on earth have 3.5 to 4 strands of operational DNA available to interpret reality. Races such as the Annunaki, and others, who have tampered with our genetics posses a higher level of DNA strand development. The Annunaki only have an 11 strand DNA potential but they are presently utilizing more strands than we are (between 6 to 11 strands) to interpret reality. This means that they have more sensory data available to them resulting in a greater working understanding of the dimensionalized system. The Annunaki, and others, are using this advantage against humanity by manipulating our reality in ways we simply don't have the senses, or the science to detect.

As of January 1, 2000 a Stellar Bridge was successfully grounded onto 3rd dimensional earth, making physical transport to higher dimensional planes possible by as early as 2003. At the peak of this event, there will be a 3 day period of Particle Conversion. During this Particle Conversion, all life forms, and the bodies they inhabit will electrically and magnetically align to the dimensional frequency bands that correspond to their respective level of DNA strand development. All humans who wish to dimensionally ascend must have a minimum of 4.5 to 5 operational DNA strands available to plug into the nearest dimensional reality field that the earth herself is moving into. This higher dimensional version of earth is known as Tara and it presently exists in a future time cycle in relation to present 3rd dimensional earth. When this Particle Conversion takes place, a temporary dimensional blending will occur enabling the two versions of earth, present and future, to exist in the same space, simultaneously. Those not carrying the required DNA strands will stay on 3rd dimensional earth, which at that point will become a descending world, or Phantom Earth. On Phantom Earth, physical ascension will no longer be possible, and greater control and domination will prevail. This is a place that humanity must avoid, as Phantom Earth will fall under covert attack bringing all personal freedoms to a halt.

Presently, a United Resistance, made up of Pleiadian Nibiruans, Annunaki, Zeta Greys, Necromaton, Draconian forces, and others are poised directly against humanity in an attempt to hold as many humans behind on 3rd dimensional Phantom Earth through continued manipulation of the collective human gene pool. This will minimize the number of humans who will have the opportunity to leap to higher dimensional versions of earth and escape the control matrix that is planned for Phantom Earth. As a people, we must rapidly build our higher DNA strands and declare our freedom from these rogue forces who so desperately desire to use the human race, and its 12 strand DNA potential, as a means to gain control over the entire dimensionalized system. This is presently a plan that is being orchestrated without the conscious consent of the human race or its members. As a race united against the tyranny present, all this covert activity must stop immediately, and it will, as more human individuals embody their higher DNA strands and begin actualizing their higher potential. As a greater number of humans embrace their higher DNA strand capacity, they will help to elevate the entire human race, causing all human DNA to develop faster in every individual, creating a critical mass of ever increasing proportions.

Since DNA activation is the key to successfully bridging our race collective to higher dimensional reality fields, it is important for us to understand the mechanics of DNA building and how to expedite this process. DNA strand growth is achieved by accreting (accumulating) higher and higher levels of frequency into our DNA template. This process of accreting frequency is a natural process that is always happening and it is through this process that we perceive the passage of linear time. The challenge for our race currently is that many humans have energetic blockages deep within their core which is impeding the accretion of this higher frequency energy.
These energy blockages, called miasms, must be cleared in order to successfully transcend dimensional planes. Miasms can be cleared by regularly practicing certain forms of Yoga, by performing certain guided visualizations and controlled breathing exercises, through Kathara, and vibrational sound healing modalities, emotional clearing work, and others. Some of these practices get to the root of the blockages faster than others.

There is also the other side of the coin, in which certain practices being taught are being sponsored by the very factions who wish to hold humanity within this present 3rd dimensional plane of existence. These practices often make you feel good, but are actually working to block your higher DNA strand development, usually without your conscious awareness. If you were rapidly progressing and it seemed like time was speeding up, and then all of a sudden it seemed like you stopped growing, there is a chance that you may have inadvertently stepped into some form of modality, or teaching, that is designed to impair your growth. This is why it is so important for everyone to pay greater attention to their higher sensory perceptions. Unlike the five senses, which are easily fooled, your higher perceptions can alert you that something is wrong. It is important to follow these higher perceptions, like intuition, gut instincts, premonitions, inner vision, and other sensory experiences. They may be trying to tell you something. Follow them and they will keep you from being lead down a path of disempowerment.

The ascension of the Angelic Human Race is at hand, and we are consciously directing its course! The battle lines have been drawn and a literal battleground exists within our very DNA. We have the tools and resources available to us for overcoming the resistant forces that hold us back. As a race, we must reclaim that divine heritage that has been entrusted to us since the beginning of our creation until now. We belong to the Angelic Human Lineage, and we have the spirit of God within our being, and it is the force which exists in all things, and it is the same force which can guide us through this journey we are now embarking upon.

BY THIS DECREE, we establish this proclamation, as it is so stated, on this 9th day of September, 2001
©2001, Terryana Robinson, ISA

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