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Rethink Afghanistan War

Robert Bruce Reckmeyer
Conspiracy Truth
Empire/Perpetual War Doctrine
January 21st 2010

Certain Things are NOT Okay, Healthy Boundaries, War is Criminal Genocide, Empire or No Empire, Negative Fear Based Agenda vs. Positive Love Based Agenda, Helping Humanity or Hurting Humanity, Life vs. Death, Light Frequencies vs. Darkness, Service to Self or Service to Others. Choose Now.

Certain Things are NOT Okay;
We, collectively, have allowed this Government to do things, in our Name, that are fundamentally flawed [criminal] and unacceptable to the Best Interest(s) of our Nation and the World. In a phrase; It is NOT Okay. I think back to the Genocide we perpetrated on our North American Indigenous population, literally killing [Mass Murder] of innocent men, women and children. It was not okay when we did it and it is not okay now. In fact it is High War Crimes and Genocide and, "We the People" must Demand it STOP immediately. To fail this test makes us complicit in the Crime(s). Choose Now.

Healthy Boundaries;
When one is confronted with a unhealthy dynamic then it is critical that one develop healthy boundaries or one will get caught in a loop that is very difficult to extricate oneself from. We must assert our sovereign individualism and set healthy boundaries as far as what is acceptable behavior by our Government when it comes to making War on other people [Nations] or on United States Citizens. We must demand that our Government listen to the will of the people and cease and desist from all its foreign wars and the killing of innocent men, women and children.

We are killing the populations of Central Asia with the same intent that we killed the North American Indian population. It is mass genocide, ritualistic blood sacrifice, and the blood is on each and every American who sits back and allows this slaughter to take place, in our name. The reckoning is here. Healthy Boundaries means accountability by each individual person. It is not time to compartmentalize the horror of mass murder and human slaughter but rather face the truth and come to terms with what we have allowed. We need to set healthy boundaries on our Government. Choose Now.

War is Criminal Genocide;
Obviously when 1.5 million innocent people in Iraq have been killed, by our Agenda to control the oil and have Perminant Military Bases in the Region, then it is unjustified war and Criminal Genocide. It is obvious to any critically thinking adult that we are in the region to secure our energy supplies and to control the Earth Grid Lay Lines that fall within Iraq [Ancient Star Gates]. One must Do Your Own Research, DYOR and come to your own truth. An yet we justify our criminal behavior falsely defending the BIG lie. Mass murder is Genocide and mass murder on an industrial scale can only take place when good people turn their heads and allow it to continue. The information is easily available for any thinking person to access. Either we are for it, or against it. Choose now.

Empire or No Empire;
Rome was not built in a day and America [Anglo/American Empire] was not either.We are the Generation that has come [incarnated] in Earth to put a STOP to this madness of Empire Building as a means to Control the Planet. Six point five [6.5] billion people do Not support an agenda by the few, to have a Global Empire, controlled by 1% of 1% of the Richest People on Earth. The Globalist agenda for Empire goes back to the founding of our Civilization and has its roots in our Ancient Origins. One must follow the trail and understand that we have been subverted, as a race, through our Genetic manipulation and our subjugation by an off world, Trans Dimensional intelligence that is anathema to our Best Interest(s). The Agenda for World Empire is built on a false construct that is creating death and destruction around the world as it seeks Full Spectrum Dominance and Control. The Empire is built on the pain and suffering of humanity and only benefits the Rich. This is a clear choice; Choose Now.

Negative Fear Based Agenda vs. Positive Love Based Agenda;
Our role as Sovereign Human Beings is to align ourselves and polarize either Negative or Positive, taking on a Fear based perspective or a Love based perspective. We are about seeking a higher order of reality or a lower order of reality. The negative fear based  perspective is expressed when we seek an agenda that is based on Power and Control and Domination of those less powerful. When we are aligned in the positive polarity and express love, compassion, empathy and peace, we are seeking an agenda that is supporting each persons sovereign,  individual, unique perspective based on their superposition in space and time. It is not about dominating others but rather freeing them to explore their own contribution to the collective experience.Choose Now.

Helping Humanity or Hurting Humanity;
This is simple enough for a four year old. Are we helping or hurting? Killing people is not helping anyone, ever. The Super Rich who have an agenda to control all the people and all the resources of the planet might think in their twisted reality that killing off 95% of the human population will somehow help them control this planet but that justification is in itself madness and has no value to the experience of each unique human life that now walks the planet. We the People of Earth must make a free will choice to either help our Brothers and Sisters or hurt them. If we are employed within the Political Military Industrial Complex and we are helping to execute the Perpetual War Doctrine, Empire Building, GMO Food warfare, Bio warfare, Frequency warfare, Scientific Totalitarian Dictatorship or any other professional occupation that subjugates and incarcerates the good people of this planet, then you are Guilty of hurting humanity. If one is working for CIA, Military, Information Technology, Homeland Security, NSA, Corporate Media, Pharmaceutical Industry or any other organized effort that compartmentalizes ones job to keep the person in the dark as to what is the true agenda, then it is time to wake up and seek the truth as to what you are really doing, i.e. Helping Humanity or Hurting Humanity? Choose Now.

Life vs. Death;
Another easy choice. Life versus death, do we support a Government that has shown itself to be in the killing business or do we face the demons in our own inner psyche and say enough is enough? Lets go back in time and ask the simple question; were we justified in taking the life of the American people [American Indians] ? Were we in support of Life? or Death? Simple straight forward question and it is time to understand that our support for a Perpetual War Agenda speaks to either supporting Life or Death. It is very dark to think that human beings would embrace death over life and yet that is the truth when one dissects the question. Empires are not built when a Nation supports life, rather they must support death or they fail at Empire. The American people must choose; Life or Death. Choose Now.

Light Frequencies vs. Darkness;
I utilized the phrase Light Frequencies vs. Darkness rather than Light vs. Dark in order to illustrate the reality behind the physics of Light. Light is a spectrum that incorporates frequencies of light, a very broad bandwidth [maximum light] or a very narrow band on the frequency bandwidth of the light spectrum. One can be filled with a lot of light or just a little and everything in between. Darkness is the absence of light and therein lies the reality of our experience while within this aspect of the creation. 

Now to understand our Name; Hue [light spectrum] man being, human being. We are designed as Light Spectrum Beings, Intelligent Beings of Light. Once we understand who we really are and the way our bodies are designed to operate, in this reality, then and only then will we understand that we either power ourselves up with light or power down with darkness. Our Energetic Body utilizes a wider aspect of the light spectrum when we are emoting love and compassion, empathy and peace and utilizes less when we are in fear or emoting a negative subset of that emotion. Love fills us with light and fear fills us with darkness. Choose Now.

Service to Self or Service to Others;
One must choose the path one will follow, while in the Earth Plane; Service to Self or Service to Others. The choice to align oneself with a service to self limits ones ability to graduate to a higher frequency on the light spectrum, in essence a wider bandwidth to experience life. One is held back from seeing the other dimensions of the creation. It keeps one in a lower and slower reality and that limits ones ability to experience more.

The Service to Others path is one that is about putting others first and seeking ways to improve ones ability to give. It does not mean serving others and not taking care of oneself. In truth one must be whole and healthy or ones abilities are limited. Service to Others will raise ones frequency increasing their love, compassion, empathy and  inner peace. Choose Now.

Choose Now;
We must choose now, each and every one of us, individually and collectively, because the survival of our Hue-man Race is at stake. I am asking each person reading this article to choose now so we might change the dynamic from a Victim Consciousness to Conscious Creator Consciousness. We are approaching the tipping point and it is crystal clear that something is about to happen. My intuitive side tells me we can affect the outcome if we will join together and consciously create the kind of world we want to live in. We either choose to be a victim, powerless, weak and splintered or we Rise up on wings of Eagles and Fly.

“I recently read a great analogy about a baby eagle that fell from its nest and landed in a chicken pen. It grew up thinking it was a chicken scratching all day with the other hens. One day a mighty soaring eagle spotted the bird and swooped down to see what was happening. When it confronted the eagle, with the truth, that it was a mighty, majestic creature made to soar above the earth; the eagle was amazed and could hardly believe what it was being told. All it had to do was look up, flap its wings and soar. When it finally did look up and fly the coop it was amazed at the gift that God had given to him. We too must look up and accept our free gift of flight. We must lift our heads from the limits of the ground and allow our majesty to take flight, soaring above the Tara firma.” Robert Bruce Reckmeyer 2007

Robert Reckmeyer

Rethink Afghanistan War

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