Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Conspiracy Truth

Robert Bruce Reckmeyer
Conspiracy Truth
January 20th 2010

Source: America's Journey

Much of the American public has been successfully conditioned to abandon independent thought at the cue of the corporate media whenever a talking head on TV labels someone a "Conspiracy Theorist." For independent thinkers this presents a challenge when attempting to carry on an adult conversation about topics where possibilities for conspiracies must be considered. Is conspiracy so rare that it is safe to point and laugh at anyone considering conspiracy as an explanation for events?

Take a look at some easily found stories from Google below. What if we didn't allow the conspiracy theorists to follow the trail of the evidence in these cases? What if we publicly ridiculed those tasked to solve the crimes below? Please (CLICK HERE) THINK before dismissing what the corporate media has labeled a 911 Conspiracy Theory. You may be surprised, if you just take a few moments to look, at the highly credible people (Gen. Wes. Clark is among those listed at this link) who are only asking that you examine the evidence. For your consideration:

TIME: The Fort Dix Conspiracy

Prokop faces 150 years in federal prison

Cocaine Distribution and Conspiracy Charges in Narcotic Trafficking Ring

Three Staten Island, NY Men Indicted on Federal Hate Crime Conspiracy Charges

Walravens plead to tax evasion, conspiracy charges in federal court


Blagojevich indicted on 16 federal felony charges

Tangipahoa man pleads guilty to federal meth manufacturing conspiracy charge

Bernard Kerik indicted on federal fraud, conspiracy charges

Former loan officer pleads guilty to conspiracy charges

Pelicano convicted of Federal wiretapping conspiracy charges

While conspiracy cases are common in federal court ...

--------Now some "Conspiracy Theories" unfit for corporate media consideration-----

Go to the Links above and DYOR!

The Conspiracy Truth is the Search for Truth! Know Thyself and know the Truth! When we do our own research we uncover the deception done in our name.


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