Sunday, January 17, 2010


Robert Bruce Reckmeyer
Conspiracy Truth
January 17th 2010


We the People, have to clear the smoke from our eyes and begin to understand the way this World System is set up; first is the fact that 1% of 1% own and control all the resources of the planet and they have organized the Political System to support the status quo. Let’s look at the way the system really works.

The Elite Bloodlines have control of the Money System, from the creation of the money supply, credit and finance capital, to the means of production and the political power. We the People literally have no power to control anything and therein lies our dilemma.

Since 1% of 1% own and control everything that leaves 99.99% of the people to either play along and allow this system to self perpetuate or decide to change it to best reflect the Best Interests of Humanity.

In real terms the Global Elite need a reliable workforce to carryout their agenda so they can maintain their current model. They overpay 10% of the workforce to do the work that keeps them in power; i.e. the Political System, the Military Industrial Complex, the Banking System, the Educational System, the High Technology Sector, the Energy Monopolies, the Information and Communication Industries and the Health and Pharmaceutical Industries. Without their Cadre of willing workers [who sell their soul for comfort] they would be dead in the water and "We the People" would take back our Planetary System from the Criminals who are now running things.

Let’s look at the Perpetual War Doctrine; The Corporations are extensions of the Global Elite. The ownership is held by this super minority and they create perpetual war as a means to keep the people enslaved to their manipulated passions. The Real War is a class struggle between the Super Rich and the working class poor.

The Elite can not keep the system going without their minions who do their bidding; i.e. the Intelligence Apparatus, the Military Brass, the Political Yes Men & Women, the Corporate Boards. They overpay them so they will enslave all of us and all the common everyday people of the world. We the People never have a chance to stop and see it is really about keeping us enslaved so we don't wake up to their game.

One must understand the way they utilize Blood Sacrifice on a grand scale. They are Masters at manipulating our human energy which involves frequencies of Fear. They time all major battles to take place on certain key dates, on certain Lay Lines so the frequencies of fear are uploaded to the Earth Grid. They know all too well how to stir up humanity and cause the maximum emotion of fear so they can harvest our frequencies of fear. They also harvest our Soul Energy when we give up our Life Force and this is the true reason mankind has been in a Perpetual War for thousands of years.

Poor people don't need to be fighting poor people; we have nothing to gain from fighting each other. Conversely we have everything to gain when we overturn the current model that keeps all the power in the hands of 1% of 1% and their cadre of willing workers [Nazi Traitors who have sold Humanity out for comfort].

Solutions: first we must educate our brothers and sisters to the truth and then rise up and take back our power. Our power is first and foremost energetic. We must quit feeding the system through our Non-Compliance. We must become self sufficient and LOCAL. We need local food production, local political representation, local education, local manufacturing, and local community service and most important of all local defenses. We must defend our Freedom.

Solutions: We must cleanse our Inner Psyche. This means connecting to our Higher Self and becoming the Energetic Frequency of Love. Not just wanting to be loved, or share love, but rather "Be Love Itself". Freedom means taking Responsibility for our Expression. It means a willingness to give rather than take. It means reaching for the stars and not wallowing in the pain of our current dilemma.

Solutions: Not quitting until the job is done. We incarnated in this age to change the paradigm from its current model, i.e. Fear Based, Power and Control, to a more holistic, fair model incorporating the higher frequencies of love, compassion, empathy and peace. We are the generation that is alive today that will change this system and overturn the Criminalization of our Planet and the subversion of our human race.

We really are going to do it and nothing can stop us from achieving our Highest Good. We have the Frequencies of Light on our side and Darkness has No Power over us. Darkness is the weak force, LIGHT is the POWERFUL FORCE, everybody knows that Truth, that is Physics 101.

Let us join ourselves in this Great Awakening, let us do the work that needs to be done, in this lifetime, in this age, for the Best Interests of our Human Family.


Robert Reckmeyer

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