Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GMO Food

We have entered the time where all of us must choose which side we are on: the choice is not between Black or White, Rich or Poor, Democrat or Republican, Communist or Free Enterprise but rather between Power and Control vs Love and Compassion. We are either free sovereign Hue-Man-Beings or we are Slaves to the Elite few who want to dominate Hue-Man-ity.

Whether it be our Food, Energy, Political expression, Freedom and Liberty, Sovereign States Rights, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speech, we choose now or in the near future we won't have a choice.

Donate-Disseminate-Do...........Wake up! Organize! Take ACTION! Tell your friends and family even when they reject the message and the messenger. This is a War on CONSCIOUSNESS! Even when we are demonized by our own loved ones and put down for the message we bring speaking to the Danger that is taking place in Plain Sight. Some are so deluded they are unable to grasp the enormity of the attack.

For all of us that are on the front line and willing to be excluded from our own families as a result of our work, I know without a shadow of a doubt, we will be vindicated. The Danger is Real and the stakes are enormous. The survival of our Hue-Man species is at stake. Chin up! and don't let your loved ones get you down, they will appreciate your effort one day when they experience the pain themselves.

And remember to Love and be Compassionate even in the face of opposition.


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