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Abrupt Change 2012: Problems with the Sun

2010 03 01

By Ervin Laszlo

Physical changes in the intensity of solar radiation conspire with human impacts to stress the world system. Astronomers have noted that since the 1940s, and particularly since 2003, the Sun has become remarkably turbulent, with the exception of the last year or so. Solar activity is predicted to peak around 2012, creating storms of intensity unprecedented since the 1859 “Carrington event,” when a large solar flare accompanied by a coronal mass ejection flung billions of tons of solar plasma into the Earth’s magnetosphere.

Solar storms, capable of traveling at speeds up to 5 million miles per hour, could knock-out virtually every major technological infrastructure on the planet: transportation, security and emergency response systems, electricity grids, finance, telecommunications, including satellite and other wireless networks, and even household electronic equipment.

The solar storm of 1859 was the most powerful event of its kind in recorded history. On the 1st of September of that year the Sun expelled huge quantities of high-energy protons in a large flare that traveled directly toward the Earth, taking eighteen hours instead of the usual three or four days to reach our planet. It disrupted telegraph systems all over Europe and North America. Fires erupted in telegraph stations due to power surges in the wires; and the northern lights (aurorae borealis) were seen as far south as Florida.

The next solar storm on record, in March of 1989, melted the transformers of the HydroQuebec Power Grid, causing a nine-hour blackout that affected six million people in Canada. And the solar storms that reached the Earth between October 19th and November 7th 2003 disrupted satellites and global communications, air travel, navigation systems, and power grids all over the world. It also affected systems on the International Space Station.

The solar maximum forecast for 2012 could do greater harm than any before, since human life has become much more dependent on the global energy grid. According to “Severe Space Weather Events: Understanding Economic and Societal Impacts,” a National Research Council report issued in the spring of 2009 by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, another Carrington event would induce ground currents that knock out 300 key transformers within 90 seconds and cut off power for more than 130 million people in the U.S. alone. Its cost could be as high as 2 trillion dollars, and recovery time would be four to ten years. An even worse impact would be felt in China, where the electrical grid is more vulnerable than in the West.

A major solar storm would cause the failure of electric power in most parts of the world. The above cited report of the National Academy of Science claims that this would have catastrophic consequences. People in high-rise apartments, where water has to be pumped up, would be cut off immediately. For most others drinking water would come through the taps for about half a day, but the flow would then cease without electricity to pump it from reservoirs. Transportation systems directly or indirectly dependent on electric power (which means practically all systems) would come to a standstill. Back-up generators would operate at some sites until their fuel ran out. For hospitals that would mean about 72 hours of essential care only services. Without power for heating, cooling and refrigeration, and with a breakdown in the distribution of medicines and pharmaceuticals, urban population would begin to die back within days.

Scientists forecast yet another disruptive event for the end of 2012: breaches in the Earth’s magnetic field. In the past this field protected living systems from the effects of solar storms and coronal mass ejections. Lately the magnetic field has diminished in intensity and holes and gaps have appeared. Scientists in South Africa measured cracks in the magnetic field the size of California, and in December of 2008 NASA announced that its Themis Project had found a massive breach that would allow a devastating amounts of solar plasma to enter the Earth’s magnetosphere.

The fluctuation of the magnetic field could also lead to the reversal of the planet’s magnetic poles. During the course of reversal the magnetic field would become still weaker, and the danger to life from solar and stellar radiation would greatly increase.

Another scientific report of relevance concerns the entry of our solar system into a highly energized region of space. This turbulent region is making the Sun hotter and stormier and has already caused climate change on other planets. According to Russian scientists the effects on Earth will include an acceleration of the magnetic pole shift, the vertical and horizontal distribution of ozone, and an increase in the frequency and magnitude of extreme climate events.

There is solid scientific evidence backing up the prophecy that the end of 2012 will be a turbulent epoch. Will we be ready for the abrupt shifts and disruptions it will bring, and ready to seize the opportunities that will open in their wake? We must now face this question. The answer to it is not yet in, but one thing is certain: we must wake up to both to the dangers and to the opportunities of the “WorldShift 2012” awaiting us.


A Portal Supporting Solutions in Life:

... by understanding the big picture,

... focusing the situation from multiple perspectives,

... and shaping details to obtain desired results!


Encompass Strategies looks at the big picture and aligns all the integral pieces to make a more comprehensive and cohesive approach that supports positive outcomes for all involved. The guiding principle is the concept of Didactic Edification which is defined as the personal dedication to build an integrated and conscious approach that along with focused intention brings forth the desired creation. The empowerment of Didactic Edification operates from a positive point which aligns core values and intentions with actions, and thus allowing creative energy to be utilized in this world. This aligning process is known as Multidimensional Quantum Development. By determining where we are now and how we line up with our world, anything in life can be simplified, focused and intensified. The process can be amplified when we unite as co-creators. Ultimately, anything in life is truly possible.

Please see Our Philosophy to understand concepts that are are the basis our beliefs.

"it's not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something. May I suggest that it be creating joy for others, sharing what we have for the betterment of personkind, bringing hope to the lost and love to the lonely." Leo Buscaglia

Our Story

Encompass Strategies was founded by Deborah Sue Pomeroy Reckmeyer in the 90s. Since the new millennium with considerable years of inspiration, research and dedication and with the joint efforts of her husband Robert Reckmeyer, Encompass Strategies has grown into a full resource that continues to expand and evolve.

We, Deborah and Robert with our children, are an American family living in the modern world trying to survive within the limiting constraints of the current culture. In the last few years we turned our attention from barely surviving to fully thriving beyond all the road blocks that faced us on a daily basis since we came to this dimension. This is our story.

Each of us have individually looked at our lives, since we were small children, realizing that much we have learned does not add up to a workable model. The American dream or a truly happy life seems distant at best.

Both of us were raised by the elites of this world, the intellectual experts, to rise up above the rest as a means to find solutions. The challenge has been to see beyond the accepted cultural beliefs to look for real answers that have remained beyond the common awareness. Questions to life have remained as intellectual exercises within institutions of learning, than a practical solution to day to day living. Therefore as a norm, questions about the meaning of life are rarely asked by the general culture.

Time and time again, these challenges have surfaced in our own lives urging us forward to reach beyond the surface to confront root issues that only can be obtained by going down the rabbit hole to find deeper meaning.

We both decided a long time ago that there had to be more to life and a better way to live. In today's world the common assumption is that we have advanced beyond the primitive man, yet we are falling short in so many aspects in life (education, health, wealth, etc.) across the board. One has to wonder what is really going on and how we are missing the mark so blatantly.

The truth is that there are no cohesive connections to each part of our lives. We advance as experts down narrow paths that seemingly appear unconnected to any other path. Our focus has become a myopic vision that has lost the ability to see how everything is entangled and understand the ultimate effects.

We do not even realize how the divisions and compartmentalization are causing more and more harm to our wellbeing and our future. Time and time again, we realize life is built on a foundation of sand, and all falls away too easily. Something has to be done and be done soon. There is no magic bullet or a savior to solve all the broken aspects in our lives. The answers lie with each one of us.

No longer can we afford to wait for the world to change. The time has come to remake our lives and our world. Realize that the broken compartments of our life are causing the demise. To face the real problems before us, it's vital we put everything on the table. Until we look at every aspect in our life holding nothing too sacred to explore and go through each part, we cannot 'fix' the problems we are facing in the world today.

When we step back to see how all the pieces fit together, we begin to reweave everything into one complete picture. Only then can we realize how all the entangled aspects affect one another and make better and better choices in each and every moment. Only then can we create a world that works for each of us.

By establishing this foundation, we can begin to understand our own uniqueness and the uniqueness of all else that surrounds us. We can learn what is supportive of our life and growth, and in turn what is toxic and threatening to our survival. We as people are becoming more and more toxic, just like the world we see. Change starts with cleaning our own selves and our own lives and allowing the world to unfold before us.

By not accepting the world we see, we begin the process of choosing the world that truly works for our personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of those we love. By working with others and respecting their position, beliefs and choices, we begin establishing a more cohesive world that works for all.

Our personal journeys, Deborah’s and Robert's, encompass many aspects of life. Our strategies have helped us align our own life for the higher good of our family and the world we perceive. 

Through our personal journeys, we have decided that there is more to life and a better way to live. We have put everything in our world on the table. One by one we have decided what was for our betterment and what was too toxic for our family. In the end, we have concluded that some things are worth enduring to move to a higher position, but others are not worth the effort. We have made hard decisions and have drawn strong lines within our world, and even with those we love dearly.

The world we grew up believing is not reflective in todays world. There has to be an expansion of our understanding and how we are living our lives. This is the new NORMAL. We are raising the bar and expanding our viewpoint.

Part of the process is creating a circle of trust and a wise counsel. Another part is creating a secure environment that supports our wellbeing. This environment includes: our thoughts, our relations, our home, our community, our family, our friends, our food, our air, our water, our music, our entertainment, and everything that we come into contact with on a regular basis.

Only looking back can we see clearly how each step perfectly has allowed us the opportunity to grow and expand more and more. Some days we only see one step ahead of the other to navigate the current challenge. At other times, things fly perfectly into place. This process is ever evolving and is continually testing our dedication, our determination and our faith. We are diligent to find the right path and the best possible answer for each individual situation.

We went through every aspect of our life:

Energy Environment Air & Water Wellbeing Education Community

Power Shelter Food Relationships Government Local Resources

Conscious Creation Preparedness Sustainability Authentic Living Focused Intention Responsible Action

We confronted how we process life and the tools we utilize:

Healing Victom Mentality Learning Affiliations Circle of Trust Healthy Dynamics

Beliefs Stress Habits Addictions Wise Councel Bliss

Perspective Understanding Communication Intuition Intuition Divinity
We faced our limiting beliefs and began to redefine truth:

Community Family Life Truth Higher Self God

Agendas Systems Dynamics Entanglement Material Energy

Ancient Origins Sacred Languages Multidimensions Vibrational Harmonics Quantum Physics Conscious Creation

We faced our demons and shadows to discover a stronger position:

Childhood Trauma Family Dynamics Divorce Illness Inner Psyche Abandonment
Dogmas Failing Systems Single Parenting Unhealthy Relations Dysfunctional Families Abuse

Religious Misconceptions Breakdown in Communication Legal Issues Learning Disabilities Special Needs Infidelity

We looked at things once marginalized to test for real truth (not accepted blindness):

Conspiracies False Flags Evil Angels Multidimensional Beings God

Disease Mind Control Dark vs. Light Fallen Angels Esoteric Teachings Divine

Genetics Aliens Miracles War of the Angels Lightbody Miracles
The list goes on and on. No way is this list complete or right for any other person, and is here as an example of part of our process. The point is to be all inclusive addressing everything in our lives and in our selves. Life speaks to us, so look for the things that come into our experiences and be curious why.

After years of dealing with many issues, we have concluded that our current system in America does not support the highest good of the individual citizens. We as a nation have not created: the best educational system for the children, a health system promoting wellness, industry for our advancement of all, products to improve life, a government for the common good, a military to protect our citizens and a system that promotes the best interest of the individual. Even our understanding about life, history, education, health and who we are are limited and far from the truth.

Like all industry, each supports the industry itself. A few thrive from the bottom line, while so many others fall short barely surviving. Ultimately, this is not a workable system that benefits the people that make up this country or even the world. Too much is being sacrificed to maintain a system that does not support the individuals in their experience and growth. This is the time to change the current way we are living, the system that we are operating under and the truths we hold dear.

When we realized the depth of the situation, we dedicated our path to include sharing our experience so that others can question their own lives. Our journeys moved beyond our personal family to to sharing what we see so clearly and the practical changes we are in our lives. There is more to life and a better way to live. We have the dynamic capability to Thrive Right Now. To move beyond surviving is to embrace the limiting beliefs that have kept us stagnant for too long. By peeling the internal union, confronting each stage of our resistance we begin the process of releasing our journey to a deeper level.

The key is to investigate what is truly important to our individual lives and step by step create the life that we want to hand down to our children.

What is the value of education?

What does wellness mean to us?

What is the responsibility of the government & its citizens?

What is our chosen profession?

What is our family life?

What are our values, traditions & beliefs?

What communities do we participate and belong within?

Where do we live?

What do we support?

What is worth fighting for?

What is life and the meaning of this experience?

What is true, real and what is illusion, denial?

What are we passing down to our children?

For each of us, we have different understandings, beliefs and reasons for all we do. Life does not have to threaten the other for us to thrive. Once we create a world that respects others and their positions, we can move into an existence that supports individual freedoms, responsibilities and growth, instead of living in fear and trying to control others to protect ourselves.

Our Solutions

When we begin to look into our individual lives, we start defining the big questions about life in general. A clear picture begins to form about what aligns with who we are and what we are doing.

The world is shifting its paradigm from the material world of concrete matter to one of quantum physics that all we see is an expression of energy. When we stretch beyond the limitations of the material to the energetic level, we embrace the full spectrum of our harmonic frequencies. Life reveals itself as in tune or out of tune with who we are. We begin to understand how we resonate our personal vibrations that affects our experiences. We also realize how our environment has the potentials to affect our harmony or disharmony.

When we create a life where we are in tune with our inner higher self working beyond this dimension, we become multidimensional within this time and space. This is building a strong foundation from the seat of our soul, our central core of existence. When we work energetically with all that is in our existence, we realize the quantum nature of our world and how energy affects everything. As we navigate life embracing each experience as an opportunity to gain greater clarity into our truest essence, we live within the realm of developing untold possibilities. Here at Encompass Strategies we call this process of Multidimensional Quantum Development.

By dedicating ourselves to living a life which builds up our individual selves to incorporate every aspect within our inner being (our psyche) and our outer world (our experience), we integrate our lives to operate from a conscious level. We call this Didactic Edification. The goal is the create a Quality of Life Assurance Plan, an individual plan that supports the unique super position that each of us holds in this dimension, to ensure we move beyond surviving to Thrive Right Now no matter what life throws our way! By approaching life as a challenge that we can rise up and stretch beyond, we understand that we can navigate any situation in confidence believing we have all that we need to be successful in finding the best options to create the life we know in our heart.

See our personal solution for our own journey:

The Reckmeyer Family Quality of Life Assurance Plan

Bottom line: By taking back the power over our individual lives, we begin to shape our own lives to be more authentic and in tune with the deepest part of our essence. This self discovery is a revealing process that allows us the opportunity to embrace life to the fullest experiential level. As we develop a stronger position within the seat of our soul, we strengthen our navigational skills to bring forth the richest experience that is true and real for our individual selves. This is letting the most brilliant light shine through our soul into this dimension.

Encompass was created by Deborah & Robert Reckmeyer as a portal dedicated to sharing what we have personally learned through our experiences and from our unique position in this world. We believe that the purposes of our journeys are to define our viewpoints, to share our experiences as one example of many, to work with those valuing our gifts, and ultimately, to grow into our fullest selves.

Thrive Right Now is moving beyond surviving by being awake, conscious and continuously mindful to enlighten our being and expand our experience through our secure footing in this world. This is a process of building the life we desire deep within our soul. By using Multidimensional Quantum Development we know the right solutions, Didactic Edification, to build our desired experience in life.

Move beyond surviving by going through every ASPECT OF LIFE to reflect our BEST INTENTIONS:

getting back to basics (securing a strong foundation)

prioritizing life (building right combination to be ready)

being ready no matter what life brings (being flexible and movable with flow of life)

Every aspect of life has an EFFECT on our WELLBEING. Ultimately when we understand that EFFECT, our CHOICES become SIMPLE:

what supports our highest wellbeing (strengthening us - life)

what is toxic to our existence (weakening us - death)

what is neutral with no effect on our essence (not affecting us)

The Formula for WELLBEING is to achieve these THREE ESSENTIAL STEPS in every ASPECT OF LIFE (in the internal and the external):

clean & clear to detoxify (releasing all blockages in free flowing energy)

secure a strong & nourishing foundation (connecting our core essence with all else)

repair & rebuild to fortify (allowing for free flowing energy)

Encompass is not here to give answers, but instead to spark further research into your own individual journey. Let us be an example, one way of many ways. The key is to move beyond surviving by looking past the surface to find your best individual solution. Ultimately this self realization is the only way that is the right way for you and your life. This is enlightenment, DNA activation, consciousness, being the Buddha, living with Christ, the way of the wizard, and so on.

Many people have called it many things. Following our own bliss will bring forth the journey that enlivens our own life. Life takes on true meaning and passion brings forth the creative depths of our soul.

We finally move beyond surviving. We secure a strong foundation. We face our deepest darkest fears and release all that has kept us from ourselves. We heal all that has ailed us for too long. We live life from the center of our being while blocking all that would harm us and allowing all that makes us stronger.

This is where we Thrive Right Now!

Deborah Pomeroy Reckmeyer

Our Products

Thrive Right Now Store has been created with products that we feel support Multidimensional Quantum Development and Didactic Edification. These are key items that we are personally using to create a holistic, balanced life and support our wellness as we navigate our daily routines. Products are only tools. We are the ones that make anything for our betterment or our toxicity. All things start with the wellness and wholeness of our personal situation, this is our foundation. From a supportive strong foundation we can detoxify, clean and clear. Once we create a less toxic and cleaner environment, we can repair, rebuild and fortify. The choice is ours to make. Part of the journey is to make the most informed decisions. Do your own research and come to your own decisions.

All Our Products support the Formula for Wellbeing by addressing the Three Essential Steps to Thrive Right Now:

Clean & Clear to Detoxify

Secure a Strong & Nurishing Foundation

Repair & Rebuild to Fortify

Our Research

A Family of Research Websites and Blogs have been created and are dedicated to understanding Truth in this world. Since each of us come from our own super position, not all will speak to everyone. If something resonates, do your own research and come to your own conclusions. If not, let it go and move on.

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