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Life is a Journey

Robert Bruce Reckmeyer
Conspiracy Truth
Life is a Journey
February 23rd 2010





Many years ago, when I embarked on this journey to; "Know thy Self", I never thought for a moment that I would find myself discovering something fundamental to my conscious awareness. I thought I might uncover something new but I had no idea it would lead to the work I now find myself embroiled in. If, at the time, I had known it would completely remake my personal reality then I am sure I might have run the other way and not thought twice about it. That said; I am now quite thankful I decided to take that trip, down the rabbit hole, and uncover a deeper awareness into who I am, why I am here and fundamental to my conscious awareness, where I am going.

My life experience can be accessed through the free ebook that I share on my website; The Real Deal, A Transformation of Consciousness, The Enigma of Robert Bruce Reckmeyer, written several years ago as I was processing my deeper awareness of who I was up to that time. I wrote it in 2005 and tried to share what I had experienced through my youth, the marijuana business and subsequent time in Federal Prison. I took the time to write my story, as a service to others, in the hopes that it might help others uncover something new about themselves and help with their own transformation. The book was based on my experience, but left out what has transpired since 9/11 and the current world in which we now find ourselves.

I thought it might be helpful to bring my unique perspective, from my superposition in space and time, to the general public so they have a greater understanding of where I am and where I see us going collectively. I know each of us has a story to tell and I appreciate each persons unique perspective but for this exercise I share mine in the hopes it will prompt others to dig deep and really understand their inner psyche, something that is not easy to do.

I was remarried in 2003 and currently live outside Washington, D.C. in The Virginia Hunt Country near Middleburg, Virginia. I met my wife Deborah through my sister Kate and was a bit surprised to find her single and available, with two small children. At the time, when we first met, July 2001, I was not looking for a relationship and yet the universe had other plans. This was the summer before 9/11 and I think the furthest thing from my mind was my own consciousness development and personal awareness. I thought, falsely, that I was fine and all was perfectly normal. I had no idea that my life would go through a total transformation, in a few short years, and I would find myself remarried with two new children and two more babies born shortly thereafter. I had wanted to find a true partner and rebuild my family, since prison, and here it was right before me seemingly right out of the blue. I chose to marry Debbie and in the process I found myself once again.

9/11 was the trigger that started me down a rather slippery slope and yet it took a few years to gain momentum. I was dealing, at the time, with a failing indoor tanning business, five locations and thirty five employees (my three grown sons all worked for the family business). I was involved with a new relationship and I was dealing with a custody issue involving my daughter Christine, (non biological daughter, born to my ex wife the last year I was in prison). I was fighting to maintain my relationship with Christine, who at the time was ten years old and living with her mother in West Virginia. Between a failing business, three grown sons, a custody fight involving a non biological daughter and a new relationship, I had a lot on my plate and was not expecting world events to transform my understanding of reality the way they have come to do.

After I won the court case in West Virginia I asked Deborah to marry me, after a three hour discussion over dinner and a bottle of wine, we negotiated a partnership and embarked on this life journey together. We were married the first Sunday after Christmass, 2003, at Trinity Episcopal Church, in Upperville, Virginia. My life has been transformed as a result. Nothing can truly express how difficult it is to merge two grown adults, with children, and a host of problems associated with forming a life partnership all the while dealing with a business failure and  complete financial meltdown both personally, business and collectively as our economy has been brought to her knees. In spite of all the dynamics we carry on and grow.

Early on in our marriage Deb suggested I write my story and share my journey with others not only to help them but more importantly to help me understand and process what had happened to me up until that time. She comes from a psychoanalytic background and understood the value inherent in the process and the chance one might know thyself in a more intimate way. I think she was hopeful it would increase the odds that out relationship and marriage might stand the test of time and actually be good for all of us. Little did I know how trans-formative it would be.

After writing for a year I sent my work off to an editor who suggested I research the Reagan Drug War and speak to it so the person reading my book might have a greater understanding of what was going on, on a macro level. I jumped into that research, with full force, and a lot of animal energy wanting, very much, to finish the book and find a publisher. As I searched the Internet, time and time again 9/11 truth would come up and I was prompted to discover what was really taking place. 9/11 uncovered MK Ultra mind control, Project Paperclip, Operation Northwoods, Iran Contra CIA Cocaine smuggling, George H.W. Bush crime family, JFK assassination, New World Order, Chemtrails, HAARP, North American Union, Reptilian Agenda, DNA manipulation and the list can go on and on. In a word I was stunned. I had thought I was awake and aware and in truth I was living in a false construct that was not true. False flag operations were being perpetrated on all of us and we were living a lie. Finishing my book seemed distant, at best, and I was driven to understand the search for truth. In the process my website; http://www.robertreckmeyer.com/ was launched and I started Blogging about the world we are living in.

My greatest disappointment has been the fact that my family chooses to ostracize me from the family as a result of my speaking the truth. False flag operations are not of my making and the fact that I speak about them causes my family great discomfort. 9/11 was an inside job and the only way we can stop another false flag operation from taking place is to uncover how they are used to further policy objectives. The fact that the JFK murder was never solved is testimony to the fact that our inability to Search for Truth has been hampered by our own lack of awareness. Either we deal with 9/11 like we did the assassination of our President or we choose to make a stand now and uncover the truth.

I think it is great to seek the light and stay positive but if there is deception and manipulation within our mists then we need to deal with it and not hide from it. Let me put it this way; If you witnessed a young child being sexually abused by their Uncle and did nothing to stop it, then you are guilty of participation in the act by your failure to act in the child's best interests. It might be hard and one might be ostracized from ones family for speaking the truth, but failure to speak is not an option and the child's best interests must take precedence over any other consideration.

The Country failed to do the right thing when JFK was gunned down in Dallas. We looked the other way rather than face the truth. When 9/11 was perpetrated on us and the world we chose to look the other way initially, and then many started to ask questions and push for 9/11 Truth. How is it possible for those of us who seek answers to be ostracized by our friends and family when all we seek is truth. Those who fail this test should be held accountable when the truth comes out. The Nazi SS and those who supported them, should be held accountable for the crimes committed by them. In our age we have people who turn their heads, supporting a Perpetual War Agenda, an Illegal Occupation, a system hell bent on Empire with a crushing of civil liberties both here at home and abroad. They seek their 20k a month rather than asking themselves why they are helping support a system that enslaves their brothers and sisters in the name of freedom and liberty.

My work and my commitment to this mission is predicated on the notion that we are our brothers keeper and we do have to give an account for our failure to act. Obviously if one is told there is a problem and evidence supports a new investigation, then to turn ones head and not solve the case is tantamount to being a participant. If one "should have known" then they are guilty for their failure to report the crime. We must raise our voices and shout it from the hill tops.

To covet another mans wife is not okay. It is not okay to covet the resources of another. The oil in Iran is not ours to take because we have the power to do so. It is not okay to demonize a people because we want what they have. It is not okay to support a system that does. If the United States of America and the Anglo/American Empire covets the resources of the planet then we must defeat those who have taken over our Government and seek Full Spectrum Dominance and Control. They are not seekers of truth and they do not care when they crush their opposition. Those of us who try and shine the light must be vigilant in our determination so we might right this wrong and change the dynamic from a victim to an active participant.

Deb and I started this work to help others understand the process. We take our work very seriously and hope we can communicate our honest approach within a very mixed up world. The venture into ecommerce has been a labor of love, countless hours building the site(s) and the ecommerce store so we might share what is working for us. The fact that we are so public with our story and share so much is testimony to who we are and what we are about. Now is the time to share in order to change things from within. All the products that we sell, we also use within our own family. If we think it has value for us, then we want to share what we know and offer the product for sale. Check it out for yourselves because now we must support each other rather than compete with one another. It is time.

Robert Reckmeyer

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