Tuesday, February 2, 2010

End marijuana prohibition

Robert Bruce Reckmeyer
Conspiracy Truth
End Marijuana Prohibition
February 2nd 2010




Time to end marijuana prohibition and bring all those incarcerated for it home.

End marijuana prohibition

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Eric Dubay said...

This is such an important issue! Marijuana prohibition is keeping private prisons stocked with non-criminals, it's made a naturally growing plant illegal. The strongest, most versatile fiber/medicine in the plant kingdom has been outlawed for 70 years.

The War on Marijuana

I know you were locked up for this Robert and it saddens me to no end. I personally want very much to buy land and be a marijuana farmer... it is my calling... but I refuse to do it illegally. I want to fight to make it legal so I can be a happy farmer. What are we to do Robert? What do you see as the most important steps we need to take to make this plant legal again?