Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CIA Assasination(s)

Robert Bruce Reckmeyer
Conspiracy Truth
CIA Phoenix Program
Assasination Hit Squad



CIA Phoenix Program

Learn about the Phoenix Program initiated by the CIA in 1967 that violated the Geneva convention.

Following by documentary of American's intervention of manipulating the human brain. This project was highly sponsored by the CIA after WWII in 1945.Techniques of manipulating opposition such as ones at home during American's "Viet Nam war" would be mastered so that "it would never happen again".

Frequencies from radio airwaves is also an efficient tool for controlling moods of the human brain.The newly introduced RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip or Verichip (Verification Chip) is a new human identity microchip that will be installed into American citizen on May 2008. This chip will manage and record the citizen's life history, his current location, his financial balance. This chip is the revolutionary chip to control the life of human beings. Soon enough each individual of the states will be a product like ones at the supermarket. The RFID chip can be turned off upon request, if the product steps out of line, and his/her "credit" (money, friends, family etc) within society will be erased. Those who refuse to accept the RFID chip will be isolated from society, they cannot enter bars, clubs, purchase smoke, travel outside the states, etc.

"If you tell people lies often enough, they will eventually believe it". This is what put an end to Communism, so USA will have the liberty of controlling people around the world.I won't be surprise if the CIA deletes this video and barge into my home sending me to reeducation camps.

Phoenix Program

RFK Assasination. CIA Project (Part of Phoenix Program)
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