Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nazi America

Robert Bruce ReckmeyerConspiracy Truth
Nazi America
November 11th 2009

Nazi America

Shame on America, for the blood of innocent people, dripping from our hands, and the citizens are silent.

Millions, of innocent men, women and children, killed by American bombs in our lust for “Full Spectrum Dominance” of the world, and the citizens are silent.

We have lost our Moral Compass and now we, collectively are dripping with the blood of our hue-man brothers and sisters, all for full spectrum power and control. We have become killers, mass murderers, genocidal psychopaths and we will reap exactly as we sow. Judgment is as sure to befall our country as we have allowed our arrogance to rule, and still the citizens are silent.

We are going to experience that which we can not cause death and destruction, around the world, in the name of freedom and liberty, and not expect a commensurate judgment to befall our nation. Karma is at our door. America must demand that the killing stop.

I say shame on all the citizens who stay silent when our military is killing innocent people so they can project Full Spectrum Dominance around the world, shame on all of us.

Where are the West Point Graduates; duty, honor, country, duty to do the right thing, honor to stand up for the innocent, country and all the good people who reject the killing of innocent men, women and children.

I say shame on those men and women who took an oath to protect our constitution, shame on them. I say shame on them, for rejecting moral, natural law. They will all give an account in this life or the next.

I am ashamed to see what our military has become. We have become, we are, Nazi killers of the worst sort. Empire builders, perpetual war profiteers. Power and Control Psychopaths. We have become Death and Destruction, Evil Personified. We have industrialized killing.

America=Good (no matter how many we kill)

Robert Reckmeyer

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