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Robert Reckmeyer

Robert Reckmeyer
Conspiracy Truth
November 5th 2009
Robert Bruce Reckmeyer (my) Personal History:

Born March 20th 1954
Langley High School, McLean, Virginia 1968-1972
Illegal Marijuana Business 1972-1982
Indicted January 15th 1985, Continuing Criminal Enterprise, CCE 848
Federal Prison, January 1985-November 1992
Associate Degree, Science of Management, Park University 1992
1992-Present, Husband, Father of Eight (8), Businessman, Researcher, Citizen Soldier

During the 1970’s, when I was in my youth, between the ages of 18 and 28, 1972-1982, I organized and ran a Continuing Criminal Enterprise, CCE 848, smuggling and selling Marijuana and Hashish from around the world. I partnered with like minded individuals who were determined to subvert the laws of the United States in the furtherance of the Continuing Criminal Enterprise. We transported Marijuana and Hashish from Columbia, Thailand, Lebanon, Jamaica, and Mexico, utilizing sail boats and airplanes and then selling it in the United States for profit.

I was investigated for three years by The Organized Crime Strike Force; United States Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Tandy represented the Justice Department, CIA, FBI, ATF, Criminal Division of the IRS, Treasury, Customs, DEA and the Virginia State Police. I was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in Alexandria, Virginia, on January 15th 1985, pled guilty and was sentenced to 17 years in Federal Prison, later reduced to 14 years. I served eight years and two months and was released on November 2nd of 1992, reporting to a halfway house in Washington, D.C. until March 2nd 1992. I completed my Parole and was released from all outstanding obligations for my criminal acts. While in Federal Prison I was a Model Prisoner who did his time and returned to society with his debt paid in full. This was my youthful experience.

I have a firsthand knowledge as it pertains to the reality of operating a Continuing Criminal Enterprise, an ongoing Criminal Conspiracy, and speak from an intuitive understanding of the mindset that one must have to operate in that arena. That said; I now ask you to join with me as we connect the dots and uncover a Continuing Criminal Enterprise, involving men and women from Government, Intelligence, Military, Banking, Media, Pharmaceutical, Energy and Security industries and also men and women who are needed from time to time in the furtherance of the Continuing Criminal Enterprise.

I have spent the last 17 years in legal business, operating Real Estate, Retail and Service businesses while rebuilding my life and my family. I was content to join the system as a well meaning member, businessman, husband and father, brother and son. I signed up for the straight and narrow, after experiencing federal prison, and learned the truth that nothing can ever replace the missing years spent away from my three grown sons. I have lived the last 17 years trying to make up those missed opportunities and now have a new experience to share.

After 9/11 I bought the governments version of events and was content to leave it alone until my third son, Michael John Reckmeyer encouraged me to take a second look and to; “Please, Pop, Do Your Own Research and Come to Your Own Truth”. I signed up for the journey and my personal reality has been transformed in the process. I now am a full time researcher, Citizen Soldier, who is primarily interested in what constitutes our personal and collective reality, what is consciousness and who is manipulating our collective reality. I now ask you to; “Do Your Own Research and Come to Your Own Truth”.


During the last several years, 2007-2009, I have experienced the economic meltdown both on a personal and collective basis having my business go bankrupt and losing the equity in my house, the investment in my business (family loans), my 401k, my savings and experiencing the “system” in a real and personal way. My personal reality has been transformed as a result.

The first step is to recognize that we have the power to change the dynamic from a passive observer to an active participant. We have to cleanse our own inner psyche if we are going to see the outward manifestation of a sick society and a destructive criminal element controlling our political, military, religious, economic, educational and healthcare institutions. We must take responsibility for our complicity in this ongoing criminal conspiracy because it can only self perpetuate when we turn our heads and choose to do nothing.

Psychic Vampirism

“There are psychic vampires who are all about power and control and will, if given the chance, take ones sovereignty. We are in the Great Shift and it is on us to awaken from the dream so we might ascend. One must open their eyes and come to a greater understanding both on a micro and a macro level. The age we are living through will give us the opportunities we need, to face our inner demons and choose either the light or the dark. One has only to look within and understand that a choice to seek power and control will only lead to ones loss of freedom. The choice to seek love and compassion must come from the heart and not from the head.....Choose Now who you will serve!”
Robert Reckmeyer 2007

We collectively must address the underlying, fundamental toxicity of the financial system, the political system, the corporate system, the religious system, educational system and health care system if we are going to ascend to the next step on the human evolutionary ladder. If we fail to grasp the fundamental root cause of our problems then we will descend into a new dark age that will set us back eons. The root cause is our willingness, as a collective body, to allow the Continuing Criminal Enterprise to function and hold sway over us. Without our Agreement, in this dynamic, it will wither away and be a historical footnote in our ascension to self mastery.

“I recently read a great analogy about a baby eagle that fell from its nest and landed in a chicken pen. It grew up thinking it was a chicken scratching all day with the other hens. One day a mighty soaring eagle spotted the bird and swooped down to see what was happening. When it confronted the eagle, with the truth, that it was a mighty, majestic creature made to soar above the earth; the eagle was amazed and could hardly believe what it was being told. All it had to do was look up, flap its wings and soar. When it finally did look up and fly the coop it was amazed at the gift that God had given to him. We too must look up and accept our free gift of flight. We must lift our heads from the limits of the ground and allow our majesty to take flight, soaring above the Tara firma.”
Robert Bruce Reckmeyer 2007


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Great work here with your websites Robert! Your writing is very personal, honest, down-to-earth, and gets to the heart of important issues. Keep it up!


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