Saturday, November 14, 2009

Norman Dodd Interview

Robert Bruce Reckmeyer
Conspiracy Truth
Norman Dodd/G. Edward Griffin
Carnegie Foundation
Rockefeller Foundation

A Conspiracy to; Monopolize the World through a Collectivist Model, i.e. Centralizing Power and Control into the hands of the Super (Elite) wealthy and crushing any and all competition.

To change, the American form of Government, by manipulating the society through "Un-American" activity; i.e. non constitutional means.

To subvert our system through; controlling education, domestic and international, to change the society through fomenting wars and to merge the United States with the Soviet System, in essence creating a one world collectivist system controlled by the money powers of the world, bankers, lawyers and the LARGE Foundations, a New World Order.

These men and women, and the Institutions/Foundations they control are the means by which they plan, organize, fund, and execute their diabolical agenda with our tax free support. I suggest we wake up and change the game.
This interview is a must watch.........

I pray we can help guide our young people to recognize what is taking place and then begin the process of change back towards our American way of life.

Robert Reckmeyer

Norman Dodd was interviewed in 1982 by G. Edward Griffin regarding the time he spent as the head researcher for the Reece Committee.

This is a truly eye opening look into what the tax exempt foundations are doing in the United States - their attempt to merge the Soviet System of Government with the USA.Interview with Norman Dodd, Must Watch!

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