Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Conscious Evolution - Facing the Shadow

Robert Reckmeyer
Conspiracy Truth
November 3, 2009

Facing the Shadow is the ultimate Self Control, Self Mastery, and that my friends is the hardest journey any of us can take. The Quest to uncover, face and defeat the Shadow is a commitment that will bring one to a place that creates the opportunity to grow in compassion, grace and Love. Without it one will get stuck and fail the opportunity that we are given while here in the earth plane.

The fact that we need to cleanse our inner psyche and uncover the Shadow is crucial to our graduating to a higher frequency of the musical Multi verse that we are a part. Most people are not willing to set out on a journey that involves mucking up old wounds or psychoanalyzing oneself to the degree that real growth can take place.

Since it is ALL about energy and self control of ones vibrational resonance, that is not an easy type of control and obtaining the key to self mastery is truly the ultimate power one can attain. It is easy to power over someone less fortunate, it is easy to power over a child, It is easy to power over an employee, if you are the boss or power over someone who is dependant on you. Power is easy to project if you are the group in control or you have the financial resources. It is a whole different reality if it is about digging deep to uncover ones Shadow. Now that takes REAL POWER. Power to set out on the journey and power to obtain true Self Control and power towards Self Mastery.

Obviously most people are unwilling to own their own toxicity. It is always the other guy. It is their spouse or their parents. Maybe their siblings are to blame. It is easy to find fault with everyone else when in fact deep down inside we are scared, (in fear) sick and tired and toxic to the point that we cover up everything that causes our own imbalance.

If we want to see the world change, then "We" the people of the world must be the change we desire. It's not what "they" are doing to us that is the ultimate "fix" to the problem but rather what we are failing to do within ourselves. Cleansing our inner psyche and facing our shadow is the only way we can ever find true peace on earth. It's not about the other guy, ultimately, it's about ourselves.

"Psychic Vampirism

'There are psychic vampires who are all about power and control and will, if given the chance, take ones sovereignty. We are in the Great Shift and it is on us to awaken from the dream so we might ascend. One must open their eyes and come to a greater understanding both on a micro and a macro level. The age we are living through will give us the opportunities we need, to face our inner demons and choose either the light or the dark. One has only to look within and understand that a choice to seek power and control will only lead to ones loss of freedom. The choice to seek love and compassion must come from the heart and not from the head.....Choose Now who you will Serve!" Robert Reckmeyer 2007

In my way of thinking our shadow is our own worst enemy, a Psychic Vampire. If we can overcome our Dark, Shadow Side, then we have achieved Self Mastery and can be counted as a True Leader in this Great Battle to retake Planet Earth from the Dark Side and realign it with the Light.

May we find and know ourselves so we can be counted with the Light.



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