Monday, June 15, 2009

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Robert B. Reckmeyer Conspiracy Truth
Are we a man or a mouse? Any thinking (critical thinking) person who is free enough to think outside the matrix, can only come to one conclusion; the official government conspiracy theory is the least plausible of all.

Who planned, executed, helped either by design or otherwise, covered up, engineered the biggest crime in the post World War II world and is still yet to be brought to justice? Who are these diabolical individuals? Who would do such a thing and why? What is their secrete agenda and ultimate plan for the good people of the world? How does 9/11 fit in to their step by step enslavement of hue-man-ity.

The scientific, architectural facts can not be hidden through their mind control matrix if one is awakened and conscious. They know many people are waking up, on a mass scale, spiritually, vibrationally and their false reality is being de-constructed.

The men and women who helped engineer this crime, either by co-mission or o-mission must be held accountable for their participation in the crime of terrorism against the good people of the United States and the World.

What did our Intelligence Services know and when did they know it. Who planned the operation, put the assets of our Military Industrial Complex at their service and ultimately justified their Psy/Op in the furtherance of their policy objectives? Who are these sick people?

We failed when John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in the furtherance of their agenda, we have failed to right this wrong since the 9/11 operation. I for one am one who understands justice. If one breaks the law, either mans law or universal law and there is no accountability then in truth there is no lesson learned.

Good people of the world; Now we must stand up to these evil doers. They are controlled by an evil/darkside energy that hungers/lusts for Power and Control. They are willing to do anything it takes to acquire and maintain their power. They are literally at the pinochle of pulling off what Alexander the Great lusted for, a World Dictatorship. They have control of the technology, governments, financial institutions, military, means of production, communication, information services and stand at the center of the Earth (top of the pyramid) matrix.

We can do this......we must do this......we need to activate our personal and collective awareness/consciousness and project, into the Earth Matrix a new reality. We have the true power and can cancel out their false projection. Collectively we can project the Brotherhood of Man. All it takes is the conscoius awareness and the will to do it.

Even a cursory look into 9/11 (scratching the surface) leads one to the conclusion that the governments version is a lie and the truth can be uncovered if we rise up and demand a complete accounting. From the lowest participant to the highest. This house of cards will collapse once we decide we are ready to evolve and take our place in the galactic community of nations.

All is moving towards the final conclusion. The old must pass away and the new must take root.


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