Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thanks for the Memories: The Truth Has Set Me Free by Brice Taylor

This Book will upset you and cause one to reframe the nature of ones personal reality. When one understands the Mind Control Program, that is currently in place, one will forever be altered and hopefully enlightened to the truth.
I know the power of knowledge and the fact that the Truth will set us free. I encourage all to read this book and come to your own truth. Much of this story will be shocking and upsetting but please read it and digest the evil that is being executed, by our Political Leaders, an Elite few.
The Elite few who dominate our Political, Economic, Religious systems are controlled by the Dark Side and need to be exposed for their evil deeds. The Power Structure must come down so the Good People of the World (Planet Earth) can institute a new Civilization based on Truth, Love, Compassion and The Brotherhood of Man.
We signed up for this Mission before we incarnated into the Earth Plane. Now is the time to Awaken and Complete the Establishment of a New Paradigm. We must throw off the old ways, (Power and Control) and utilize our full potential as Beings of Light.
Read this Book and DYOR so you come to your own TRUTH.

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