Friday, October 2, 2009

Liquid Crystal Superconductor, H2o The Elixir of God

Dr. Masaru Emoto has conducted experiments on water that confirm, without a doubt, that H2o is a "Liquid Crystal Superconductor" and will respond instantaneously to our frequency-vibration of Love, Compassion, Grace and Peace forming snowflake geometric configurations within it's crystalline substance. Conversely if one angers, emotes (emotionally sends) fear, hate, upset or a negative frequency-vibration in proximity to the "Liquid Crystal Superconductor, water-H2o, then the water will form into chaotic shapes that respond to the frequency-vibration, we as human beings emote through our emotional body.

Obviously one is reminded of the Biblical teachings of Jesus of Living Water and the fact that all religions of the world speak to the properties associated with water.

Lets put it another way; Water is the "Elixir of God". We are made of Carbon Based Crystalline substance that cannot have life without the Elixir of God. H2o is a Liquid Crystal that literally gives life. This liquid crystal is the basis of our reality, without it there is nothing to bring us into existence or sustain us once we are here.

We are made up of 90% H2o, water, Liquid Crystal Superconductor. When we resonate a frequency of love we imbue the liquid crystal with the life force that literally makes it "Living Water". When we sing a note of Compassion or Grace we emit a frequency that pulsates through our emotional body and, like magic, charges the water with the Life Force Energy that permeates the entire body.

Water, H2o, can be toxified through chemicals like Chlorine, Fluoride, Chemical Pollutants and bad negative thoughts that are emotionalized and converted into frequencies of fear, hate, jealousy and death. One may find their thirst quenched, for a time, drinking dead, lifeless water but it will kill over time.

Living water is a Liquid Crystal Superconductor that has hyper dimensional properties that can release ones inner latent multidimensional abilities. The truth is being revealed in our age and we as guides, way showers, pioneers, forging a new path to a new reality can enjoy the "Elixir of God" by blessing the water before we drink it. Blessing the water before we bathe in it or shower our bodies with it will make it "Living Water". If we can understand the difference between "Living Water" and "Dead Water" then we can begin to lift our heads and give thanks to the Grand Architect of the Multi Verse and in a spirit of Love-Light-Abundance and Peace, thank Him for the gift of life and the Elixir of God, His Liquid Crystal Superconductor.

As we open ourselves to creating a new way of seeing the world let us be forever mindful of those less fortunate who struggle each and every day to find a cup of clean water to drink. Let us meditate on the Power of Love and Compassion to Light up the World and imbue the Oceans, Lakes and Streams with Living Water. Let us imbue every Spring and every Well with our Vibrational Song of Compassion. Let us Upload our Frequency to the Earth Grid Electro Magnetic High Frequency Matrix and Strike a Tune that Resonates throughout our Planet Earth and the Cosmos.

This is NOT science FICTION, this IS science FACT.
Do Your Own Research and come to Your Own Truth.

Robert Reckmeyer

Water is Holy, The Elixir of God, a Liquid Crystal Superconductor, H2o

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