Friday, January 29, 2010

The Search for Truth

Robert Bruce Reckmeyer
Conspiracy Truth
The Search for Truth
January 29th 2010

It takes a special person to set out on a journey of discovery, even when friends and family marginalize, discredit, bear false witness, disrespect and  accuse of being delusional and a conspiracy theorist, yes special indeed. It is incumbent on all of us to hold steady and remember the truth is indeed special and takes a special person, willing to search for it. The truth is worth searching for, especially when so much in this world is deception and lies.

Now more than ever we must find our center and lead the search for truth. We must do everything in our power to light the way and illuminate our surroundings praying we help others to awaken from their slumber and see the truth, even if it is just one small piece.

The truth has been hidden from us........
Tran dimensional Beings
Higher Physics
Hyper dimensional
Ancient Origins
Genetic Manipulation
DNA Upgrade
Frequency Dynamics
Musical Universe
Octave System
Hidden Hands

We are the generation who incarnated to chage things so it is important to remember why we came, the work we signed up to do and the mission to turn this mixed up world around. We must shine the light and keep shining until we have uncovered every deception, every manipulation and allowed the truth to stand alone.

Yes, we are speacial indeed, but not as speacial as the Truth.

Keep searching and remember half the fun is the journey.


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