Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bill Moyers Journal/ Jeremy Scahill

The Associated Press headline read, "War in Afghanistan is 'Winnable,'" but the "Washington Independent" reported that the general had, quote, "painted a bleak picture of the Afghanistan war" and that the United States "needed to show significant progress within '18 to 24 months' or risk the war spiraling out of control."

Robert Reckmeyer;

War as a Corporate Enterprise is Crazy. War for Profit? War for Power and Control? War for World Domination? It is time to say enough is enough, it is not okay. This madness, by the Elite few must come to an end and we must create a new civilization based on The Brotherhood of Man. No more violence, no more killing, no more blood. 1% of 1% should not dictate to the 99.99% of the Hue-Man family. The Elite few who Profit on the pain of others should be stopped and their Lust for Power and Money should be a Historical fact as we Evolve to a higher spiritual reality.

Now is the time to awaken and assert our sovereignty.



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