Friday, June 19, 2009

Fault Lines - California: Failed State

Shock Doctrine—California Style

"Since the financial crisis hit in September, Naomi has been warning that the real shock was yet to come. "Unless we get a good deal" on the bailouts, Naomi wrote back in October, "there will be nothing left over after the banks are done feeding to pay for the meager services now provided in exchange for taxation. The spiraling cost of saving Wall Street from its bad bets is already being used as an excuse for why we can't solve our many other crises, from health care to climate change."

In California, the real shock has arrived with the state's devastating budget crisis and unprecedented spending cuts. Read the post by Avi Lewis below about California and then click on the links to watch his incredible half-hour documentary."

Now is the time for the people to assert our sovereignty, act responsibly, prepare, and waken from our slumber. May I suggest we peacefully protest for change, act like good stewards and put up food and a clean water source for the winter. I can assure you the winter is fast approaching and if the squirrels are smart enough to gather supplies for the coming "Cold" months then we as thinking "Intelligent Life in the Universe" must follow their lead.

It is not rocket science to understand we are in trouble. That means it is incumbent on all of us to help wake up our brothers and sisters, fellow Hue-Man family, (Hue: Light Spectrum Man, Family).

I encourage all reading this Blog to share it with others, go to our new website; and be prepared for whatever might transpire over the next few months and years.

This age has been spoken of by the Prophets. Do we have ears to hear and eyes to see? Are we able to discern the signs and awaken from our dream? The time for sleeping is over. Now is the time for Action! Be the Buddha, awaken from the dream. Be the Christ, have no fear. Be the good servant; help your family, friends and neighbors, help those who are asleep to rise up and prepare for the coming storm. Actually the storm is here.............are we too asleep to notice?


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