Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy

Robert Reckmeyer;
The Elite have known and utilized occult practices (hidden knowledge) for centuries. They imprisoned William Reich for his willingness to share the Truth with Hue-Man-ity and in the process threatened their power and control over 99.99% of our Hue-Man family.

The Elite few 1% of 1% can only maintain their monopoly over the 99.99% by keeping the Truth from us.

We, the good people of the world must throw off their illegal (Cosmic Law/Universal Law) control matrix and assert our God Given Rights, Freedom, Spiritual Evolution, Light Body Activation and forever put the Evil Empire behind us. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the chosen ( WE Volunteered before we incarnated into the Earth Plane) We were told it was a dangerous mission and we might forget who we really are and how powerful we are as beings of light energy. We chose to incarnate anyway and be part of the solution and the guides to a New Civilization, The Brotherhood of Man.

The criminals are those who keep the truth from hue-man-ity. William Reich tried to share with the world the Truth and was incarcerated for it and subsequently died in Prison.

Now is the time to Wake up and stand up for our sovereign duty, to spread the truth, articulate the message of love and compassion and to reject their outdated, false, fear based model.

When we light up our energetic light bodies we will resonate, vibrate, high frequency Light Bodies to a degree that will literally light up the world.

Darkness has NO POWER over the light.........they are Power-less. Their power is a False Construct based on an outdated reality.

Please pass this video along to as many people as you can so we spread the good word and magnify our True Father who is our true Higher Self.


Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy

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