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A Patriots Act, Citizen Soldier/Bill of Rights vs The Patriot Act

“Help me to be, to think,

to act what is right

because it is right;

make me truthful, honest,

and honorable in all things,

make me intellectually honest

for the sake of right

and honor


without thought

of reward to me.”

Robert E. Lee

A Patriot's Act

Citizen Soldier

Citizen Soldier

Our founding fathers bestowed upon the United States citizen a personal responsibility that transcends our fundamental rights spelled out in our United States Constitution. “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”.

The words in our Constitution sets up a system of checks and balances that seek to protect us from those in authority who may from time to time exert power and control in the furtherance of their agenda(s) and objective(s). We are to be eternally vigilant in our responsibility to hold these men and women not only to the words spelled out in this sacred document but also to the spirit contained within it.

Those citizen soldiers, who are the true Patriots of this great nation, must when called upon, stand firm and tall in service to the nation. Service to protect our way of life and our Constitution from those who would do us harm, both foreign and domestic. One must be willing to put personal interests aside and second to the interests of the collective whole.

The time has come for all true Patriot’s to say; “it’s not okay” and to raise our voices in unison, to hold our public servant’s accountable for their unconstitutional, illegal acts.

The whole of the United States Government is complicit in these acts, the President of the UNITED STATES, Executive branch, Senate, Congress and Judicial branch of our government. We as a people have been let down by our elected and appointed governmental officials through their action and inaction to uphold their sacred oath of office, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. We, as the people and good citizens of this Rrepublic must accept our responsibility for this current state of affairs.

One must come to a place in our understanding and reach a point where it becomes self evident that all men are created equal and none are above the law. If we sit back and do nothing, when our public servants subvert the constitution and break the law, then we too become complicit within the context of the law spelled out in our constitution.

Those citizen soldiers that pontificate and do nothing to right this wrong need only go back to sleep and pretend it will fix itself. Power unchecked only leads to more unchecked power and control. Those criminals, who continue in power, can only continue when the citizen chooses to allow them to further their agenda outside of the checks and balances spelled out in our constitution.

The history of liberty and personal freedom is a very short one and must be understood if one is to enjoy the rights contained within our founding documents. This is a great experiment in liberty and justice for all. One must not lose sight of the fact that it is a relatively short experiment and the forces at work, to disassemble our rights and privileges, as citizens of these United States, are well organized and very powerful. They possess not only financial resources but the full spectrum of tools to crush any and all opposition to their plan.

“We the people”, are all of us, right here and right NOW. We are not historical words on a piece of parchment but rather living, breathing human beings. We must stand up now and say enough is enough, or we fold and allow the dismantling of our sovereign rights as a nation and as sovereign individuals.

It is time to raise our voices and take responsibility back from the few that we entrusted to protect us. They have not lived up to their oath of office and we have not held them accountable for their acts and their failure to meet their responsibility. As long as we fail to take personal and collective responsibility for the situation we now find ourselves we will continue to reap what we sow.

It is not too late to act. We must have the will and the fortitude to see this great land cleansed of those in power who have put their own self interests and their agenda ahead of the common good. We the people must stand tall and take back our great nation from those who have failed to protect us from the subversion of our constitution.

It is time to take legal action to reassert our fundamental rights guaranteed by our constitution. Only a few, in congress, have had the inspirational insight to press for a return to our Constitutional Democracy, Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul and a few others. In spite of their leadership our constitution has not been protected due to a lack of true leadership, both Democratic and Republican. In truth the Congress is asleep at the wheel and scared to act. They have put their personal ambition and security ahead of the people’s best interest. We as citizens must seek legal recourse, through the courts, and move to hold our public servants accountable for their failure to preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The threat from within is far more dangerous than a threat from an outside power. We now find ourselves literally losing our constitution, our way of life, to a group of like minded men and women who think it best to govern from the top down and not from the bottom up. They have an elitist model that dictates a new world order. They have failed to recognize that under our Constitution, they are the people’s servants and not our masters.

The Project for a New American Century, PNAC is a document that has spelled out an agenda for full spectrum power and control. It is predicated on the notion that the United States has the right to exert its full power in the pursuit of its perceived interests spelled out by a few men in the name of the whole nation. This globalist policy is being executed in our name without our informed consent. We have allowed these men to take control of our nation and subvert our ideals in the furtherance of their quest for full spectrum power and control. This must come to an end. Sadly they are consumed with their own success.

One can get lost in the details. The fact is we must be willing to take a second look and uncover the truth even when it hurts deeply. No one wants to believe the worst and it can be very upsetting when one finds out something terrible is going on. We must grow up as a nation and face the fact that crimes have been committed and the people responsible must be held accountable.

Many years ago when I was a young man, in my early twenties, I took a chance and chose to involve myself in an illegal, marijuana business. I was a very energetic well meaning man and was a risk taker. Science has identified a gene that is handed down from generation to generation that drives some people to take risks that many would choose not to. Many of our founding fathers carried the same gene and chose to involve themselves in the smuggling business. John Hancock was one of these men. Hancock was a successful wine merchant known throughout the colonies as “The Prince of Smugglers.” His reputation eventually earned him the honor of being the first to sign the Declaration of Independence. Many smuggled alcohol, tobacco, tea and other taxable goods. They also put their lives on the line in the founding of this great nation risking their fortunes, their lives, their liberty and their freedom, in their pursuit of freedom and justice for all.

I was investigated for three years, indicted for running a Continuing Criminal Enterprise, CCE 848, and served time in federal prison for my illegal acts. I faced my accusers, I plead guilty to my crimes and I served my time in order that I could enjoy the freedoms this great nation has to offer. I learned the rule of law applies to all citizens regardless of their station in life, color of ones skin, political persuasion or elected position. I learned that we are all created equal and no man is above the law, or so I thought. In truth there are many ideals that we fight for and yet in practice we fall far short of those ideals. We must continue to reach for those ideals or they mean absolutely nothing at all. They are reduced to just words on a piece of paper. If we don’t fight for them then we are as bad as the criminals who exert their power and control over us manipulating them for their own gain.

I broke the law as a youth and I paid dearly with the loss of my freedom serving eight years in federal prison. I lost my family, my home and my fortune. I lost time with three young sons and they lost time with their dad. I paid the price demanded of me and I was man enough to own up to my illegal acts and face my accusers. I did not run and hide or corrupt the system to further my own ambition; I owned up to my criminal acts and completed all that was required of me. My debt to society has been paid in full.

How do we hold others accountable for their illegal acts? I would suggest we convene a Grand Jury made up of citizens who hold our constitution sacred and worth every drop of blood that has been shed protecting it from threats both foreign and domestic. There comes a time when men and women must stand up and be counted. Now is one of those times. Our nation must be taken back by the people for the people and do it within the law spelled out in our constitution. We must reinstate the rule of law.

The U.S. Patriot Act, passed after the 9/11 operation, was executed by elements within our government who have an agenda for full spectrum power and control both here at home and throughout the world. They have cloaked this act as a needed measure to protect us from an outside threat. In truth the threat is from within and is the complete subversion of our constitution. When one takes a hard look at the 9/11 operation it has all the elements of a false flag operation and seems all too real. When one studies the Kennedy assassination along side the 9/11 incident and realizes the level of manipulation perpetrated on the American people, both operations utilized the same techniques of trauma based mind control. The perpetrators are masters at manipulating the public and creating a false reality.

It does not matter if you believe the government’s conspiracy theory-version of the events on 9/11 or if you are a member of the 9/11 truth movement. Either way they have manipulated the public into believing that the U.S. Patriot Act is legal and enacted to protect us from an outside threat. In truth it has completely trashed Article [IV] of our constitution; “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizers, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized,” and thrown out Habeas Corpus, “The Privilege of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when is Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it”.

Since the 9/11 event was a false flag operation, to further their agenda for full spectrum power and control, then it should cause all of us to take a second look and hold each elected official accountable for their actions on that fateful day. If they failed to protect us and act then they need to give an account. If they were a part of the operation either as an intelligence agent, military officer, elected official or on any other level then they need to be put under oath to give an account and be brought to justice. If they were a part of the cover up, on any level, then we need to uncover the truth and put all the facts on the table. If it means giving immunity to the lower level people involved, in order to bring the true masterminds and perpetrators to justice then we need to act decisively and bring this national tragedy to a close. We must not fail to act; we must be mature enough to face the truth and come to terms with this national tragedy.

The National Security Act has been in place since 1947. President Truman failed to foresee the damage that would be done, to the nation, in the name of National Security. We now are faced with a government apparatus that hides behind the cloak of secrecy and a false classification to hide its misdeeds. National security is invoked for every misdeed and utilized to hide both real national security issues and those that are kept hidden from the public for criminal purposes.

The Iran Contra/CIA Cocaine/Mena Airport conspiracy was a classic illegal operation that was run from the Reagan White House under the direction of George H.W. Bush when he was Vice President. Ollie North and the operation to trade arms for hostages was only one side of the equation. The big story was the cocaine operation run for the benefit of raising large sums of cash to finance Black/Operations and should be understood in those terms. If we allow our government to utilize the National Security Act, as a cover for their illegal operations against the American people and the people of the world, then we are as guilty as those in authority.

The utilization of the national security act to cover up illegal operations and to keep the public in the dark is an illegal use of the act and those who have perpetrated this system must be uncovered and held accountable. The rule of law is subverted by the use of this act and we must demand that it stop or we allow it to happen. Citizen solders must stand together and hold this government accountable from the lowest member to the highest, including the President of the UNITED STATES, the National Security Council, the membership of the Senate and Congress and our Judicial branch of government. No man or woman is above the law, no one.

If we think it right and just to lock up petty criminals and yet we allow the highest governmental officials to get off without having to give an account for their crimes then what kind of a nation are we? I suggest we are a nation of cowards who have failed to live up to our responsibility as citizens of this great republic. We fail not only ourselves but we fail future generations to come.

I come from a family of West Point graduates who have been entrusted with a higher degree of responsibility to protect this great nation from enemies both foreign and domestic. Sometimes we the people are all called to step foreword and put aside our own personal interests and seek a higher standard within the context of our collective reality. This is something each person must either face and take corrective action or choose to stay silent, at our collective peril. Major General Albert Stubblebine, West Point Class of 1952, United States Army, retired, is one such patriot. Dr. Stephen E. Jones, Physicist and Professor of Engineering, BYU, Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, Director of Advanced Space Programs Development under Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, A Pentagon eye-witness and a former member of the staff of the Director of the National Security Agency, Michael Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa and Paul Craig Roberts, PhD, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Reagan Administration are also true patriots. All of these men and women have stepped foreword to address the inconsistencies within the government’s version of the events on 9/11. The fact that each man and woman has taken the time to study the 9/11 incident and come to a much different conclusion, than the governments version, is compelling but what is really compelling is the personal price each person has paid in service to their country. They are like many of us; they are directed and led by a higher standard.

They have put their good name and careers on the line in the search for truth. I commend each and every one of us that finds the courage to seek the truth whether it is the 9/11 incident, Iran Contra, the war in Iraq or any other difficult issue we confront in life.

We are now in a time of revealing. We have within our grasp an understanding that has been long overdue. As we come to the realization that something is terribly wrong and needs to be dealt with we must not lose our balance or our focus. We must press forward in our search for truth and make the hard choices that need to be made and we must hold our public servants accountable for the current state of affairs.

Robert B. Reckmeyer

Bill of Rights vs The Patriot Act

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