Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nicaragua - A Nations Right To Survive

Our Corporate Fascist Model is a failure if one is to feed the people.......people of the world need organic food, clean water and a sustainable model that puts the people first and corporate profits last.

What we have done in the world, in my lifetime is a crime against Hue-Man-ity. We have a perpetual war doctrine that attacks weaker Nations so we might feed our Empire with cheap raw materials and in the process hurt the local people. This activity must come to an end.

Nicaragua is a beautiful country, the people are good and open their hearts to the truth. They have lived through our policy of perpetual war and resisted our false constructs. I for one am ashamed of what we have done and continue to do in the name of freedom and liberty. We want all countries to bow down to us and allow the Corporate State to dominate the world, something that only helps an Elite few at the expense of Hue-Man-ity. It is the old Feudal System resurrected in our age.

I encourage all seekers of Truth to DYOR, (Do Your Own Research) and come to your own truth. It is because I love our country so much, The United States of America, that I reject the illegal, criminal activity of our leaders who take us to War against other Nations. All so we can exert our Power and Control Model.

Now is the time to educate ourselves to their deception and create a New World based on Sustainability, Organic Food, Clean Water, Power to the People and a Vibration of Love & Compassion, in Truth; The Brotherhood of Man.


Nicaragua - A Nations Right To Survive

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