Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shadow of the Swastika

Shadow of the Swastika

The Real Reason the Government Won't Debate Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Re-Legalization

By R. William Davis

Documented Evidence of a Secret Business and Political Alliance Between the U. S. Establishment and The Nazis, Before During and After World War II, Up to the Present

This Paper is a must read and should be viewed within the economic policies put forth by an Elite few who have an Agenda for Full Spectrum Power and Control.

The Truth needs to be Known and shared so others might be Enlightened.


Shadow of the Swastika

Hemp - The Environmentally Sustainable Alternative

Why marijuana is illegal

Hemp: A solution for our world

I say; We need a Policy that speaks to the Medical benefits, the Industrial Economic Benefits and the need to Clean Out our Prisons of Men and Women who smoke pot for recreational reasons.

I say; Meditate don't Medicate. I also qualify it by saying; Pot smokers don't belong in Prison.

The Prison Industry has been Privatized for Profit. Business should NOT be profiting by incarcerating men and women who smoke pot. The CRIME is the system that locks people up for recreational use of pot.

We need to legalize marijuana for Medical and Industrial purposes and decriminalize for personal use.


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